5 Reasons to Eat Eggs! Boost Your Mood.

Did you know that it’s an “egg myth” that eggs raise cholesterol levels? Learn how eggs can help you manage your weight, boost your mood and more in this video. EnJOY!

Joy McCarthy, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, owner of Joyous Health, loves to inspire others to eat well and live well – through education and empowerment. Joy is the resident nutritionist at 889 Yonge — Yoga & Holistic Lifestyle Spa in Toronto, where she inspires happy and joyous lives. Joy welcomes your questions or comments.

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  • Just had an egg for breakfast, because of this post and video.

    Eggs for me have been associated with cholesterol. Is it really OK to have them every day?

    The tip about making a batch of them for quick breakfasts and snacks is also a great idea. Hard to find non carb snacks.

    • Yes definitely – okay for everyday. Newest research in the last 10 years or more proves it does not impact your cholesterol. In fact 85% of cholesterol is manufactured by the liver itself and not from diet alone. Lecithin is a component of the yolk which actually helps to emulsify fat and this is yet another reason why eggs improve your lipid profile and do not raise cholesterol levels. I think the original research must be flawed and perhaps they were checking cholesterol levels of typical fried egg and bacon eater and perhaps people who consumed a lot of sugar and refined carbs. And came to those conclusions that it increased cholesterol. At any rate, eggs are good for you!!

      • Thanks. I think you are right about original research being flawed. Thanks for the reply. Now I can have eggs and know they are healthy and not worry about them being bad for you.

  • What great news! Love eggs but always thought they would raise my cholestrol. Question I have – Do I really need to buy organic eggs? They are a lot more expensive than the non-organic ones. I really like your idea of preparing some ahead of time for snacks. Thanks for all the info. I have watched your other video blogs and they are always very informative. Keep up the great blogs!!

    • Thanks!! So glad you enjoy my blog :) Yes, you should buy certified organic eggs if you want to avoid hormones and antibiotics. As well, if you need another reason, organic hens are also “happy-hens” instead of battery hens that pop out eggs all day because of hormones and live in a confined environment. Hens should be roaming free and eating what they like, not fed soy or other genetically modified grains you wouldn’t dare eat which impacts their eggs fatty acid content. If you are interested in more info on animal welfare there is a great article on this at http://www.alive.com. The cost is not really

  • Does an omelet provide the same nutrition as a hard boiled egg ?

  • eggs are awesome. but more importantly, my name is close to yours, mr. Dewell. yah. kbai : )

  • Hey do eggs help get rid of and prevent mild pimples? Does it h elp boost your skins complexion?