Set Your Intention to Get More Out of Life.


Each Tuesday evening when Michelle begins the yoga class for Eat Well Feel Well she often asks our students to set their intention for their practice. Even if you don’t do yoga, I recommend you do this on a daily basis (along with your lemon and water, dry skin brushing and eating real food) for your most joyous health. :)

Why set an intention for your day? As Michelle says: “Think of an intention as a promise you make to yourself about something you want to do, be or say. It could be something you would like to improve about yourself, such as having more patience or not pushing yourself past your limit in your poses”.

“An intention can also be a dedication of your yoga practice to a person that has been a mentor to you or to someone you are experiencing a challenging time with. In either case, when you offer your practice to another, your intention becomes a practice of love and compassion towards this individual”.

Every class my intention remained the same, for six straight weeks I promised myself to have courage to speak with an open heart. I find it extremely easy to write, but not as easy to communicate with words. I love poetry, I love painting, but speaking about things other than nutrition (nooo kidding right?) is not always the easiest thing for me.

Setting this intention each week gave me the courage to speak my heart and when I did I felt like fifty bricks were lifted off each shoulder. I encourage you to do the same, to set your intention because when you do you will find that whatever you are intending to do will happen.

If you are a new reader to my blog you might be wondering what the heck this has to do with your health, but it has everything to do with your health. An open heart is one that is healthier and happier.

Be joyous!

Joy McCarthy

Joy McCarthy is the vibrant Holistic Nutritionist behind Joyous Health. Author of JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well. Read more...

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