Post-Workout Salad with Hemp & Goji Berries Plus a Giveaway for new kicks!


Doesn’t it feel great to eat a nutritious and fulfilling meal after a great workout? This is precisely what I did! After my morning appointments I decided to do a quickie at the gym before lunch. I made this hemp salad and it not only filled my belly, but it nourished my millions of cells with protein, good fat and many micro-nutrients including vitamins A, C, K, B-complex, carotenoids, iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium.

Here are the ingredients:

  • Bunch of arugula
  • Handful of chopped red cabbage
  • 1 tbsp goji berries (Brand I used: Mum’s Original)
  • Half a ripe avocado chopped
  • 2 tbsp hemp seeds (Brand I used: Manitoba Harvest)
  • Dressing: 1.5 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice

Combine all the ingredients into a large bowl. Pour dressing over top and mix together. Serves 1.

Now let’s talk about this amazing giveaway I am doing for a pair of newSKY eco-chic shoes from New Balance. I’ve got myself a pair and I love lounging in them with my lulus on or walking around the city (I did wear them to work out in, but I don’t necessarily suggest this for you… I love the lightweight feel).

They are super comfy, but what I love about them the most is all these cool eco facts – they are pretty much recycled material and they have been designed with 3 words in mind: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! Check this:

  • The upper area of the newSKY™ shoe is made entirely from Eco-fi; a high-quality polyester manufactured from 95% PET plastic bottles.
  • Each pair is made of approximately 8, 20-ounce P.E.T. bottles.
  • newSKY™ uses the Minimus sole (barefoot running shoe by New Balance) which reduces manufacturing waste.
  • The shoes are built with less material than traditional New Balance athletic shoes through a thoughtful upper pattern design.

So you wanna get yourself (men or women) into a pair of these awesome shoes? Here’s what you need to do:

Write in the comment section below what you do to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle?

1 week from today, we will randomly select one person to win a pair of shoes! How great is that? Retail value is $129.99

Please note: This contest is open only to residents of Canada. But please feel free to share anyways!!

Here’s a snapshot of the women’s. These are the ones I have. The men’s have a white sole.



 Be joyous!


Joy McCarthy

Joy McCarthy is the vibrant Holistic Nutritionist behind Joyous Health. Author of JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well. Read more...



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  • These shoes are so cute! We recycle newspapers, cans, and bottles in our house. I always ask for receipts to be emailed to me when I am in a store (if they have that option) rather than having them printed out to save paper. And I always bring my own reusable bags to the grocery store. :)

  • I bring my own cloth shopping bags for groceries and use my own tea cup for drinks. Also, we have a big blue bin that we put in all our recyclables :0)

  • I love the idea of these shoes! I recycle everything I can including the little piece of paper on the string of tea bags. I also get all my bills e-mailed to me and skip the receipt at the pump. I use cloth bags when I shop and have quit using ziploc bags in my lunch and just use Tupperware.

  • I use reusable shopping bags and reuse glass jars to store dry foods like grains and lentils. I also reduce by not using commercial personal care products and making my own from natural stuff that I already have in my house (like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, avocado, etc…all very good for the skin!)

  • These shoes are so cute! I resuse homemade personal care products (much less waste) recycle plastics, glass, etc., compost, reusable shopping bags :)

  • I use my glass water bottle that I take with me and I also have my own coffee tumbler that I bring with me as well. I always use re-useable shopping bags and we keep a recycle bin in our kitchen to use it as much as possible!

  • Hi Joy! Those are nice shoes!
    I do my best to do the following:
    -avoid plastics as much as possible
    -use my own mug and cloth shopping bags
    -keep present wrappings to use them later

  • Those are adorable. We recycle everything we can, compost,use earth-friendly products whenever we can. We use Lifefactory glass water bottles and glass or stainless food containers.

  • Hi Joy,

    Great contest! To reduce consumption and packaging, we only buy what we need and we watch the packaging of all our purchases. Many of the foods we buy come in glass containers, so we are able to safely use them again! Finally, recycling is a big part of my life at home and at my workplace. We have swaps at work and we are encouraged to recycle items amongst each other, rather than throwing things away. P.S Those shoes are really cute and I love that they are made from recycled bottles..brilliant.

    - Sandy @savvari from Twitter

  • Every time I cook with veggies or use my juicer I put all of the left over bits into our green bin that is lined with a biodegradable bag.

  • I love that we live in Toronto, where we can recycle so many things. I make sure everything recyclable goes in the blue bin, and everything compostable goes in the green. We try to avoid using plastic bags, but if we do end up with them, they are always reused as our garbage bags — can’t remember the last time I bought those! We donate things we can’t use or no longer want instead of tossing them. And we are just trying to bring less into the house in general — reduce is the first step for a reason!

  • Hi Joy! Love the sneaks! I recycle, reduce and reuse wherever possible. Always carry my glass BK1 water bottle, have a compost bin on my kitchen counter for vegetable and fruit peels as well as eggshells, etc., when full it goes out into my garden plot. I use reusable bags at the market…shop locally and at farmers markets when possible…ride my bike whenever it is feasible instead of driving, saves money and I get a workout at the same time! Also recycle my newspapers as mulch in the garden and plastic (if I have any) and aluminum weekly…

  • I recycle everything. I do have a secret. I even steal garbage from work and recycle it at home. It drives me crazy when I see a plastic bottle in their trash can. (shhhh, dont tell anyone…

  • Umm, love the shoes! I would be happy to get me some for my upcoming 10K! What do I do to be green? Wash & reuse my ziploc bags, always pack lunch in tupperware, make necklaces out of old tees, reuse Belmote Raw juice bottles for H2O, Never eat animal products, still wear clothes from 2004 – haven’t shopped in MONTHS…it goes on, and on, and on……

  • I try to live as locally as possible. This has been a big adjustment, moving cities during the winter, but I can’t wait until the farmer’s market starts up in the spring!

  • these shoes are super cute! We compost, keep the recycle bin in the garage right outside the kitchen so its nice and close, reuse plastic bags, use cloth bags for grocery shopping, reuse glass jars for beans, nuts, seeds, etc., and we use stainless steel bottles for water instead of plastic! :)

  • Love the shoes!!! Everyday I pack my green smoothie in a resuable container for breakfast at work. For lunch I use a reusable lunch bag and containers. I also make sure I recycle cans and bottles and take my own bags grocery shopping!

  • We use our Brita water filter instead of plastic water bottles, always bring resuable shopping bags or baskets for our groceries, and we also just renovated our bathroom and we got a dual flush toilet.

  • I bring bags to the grocery store and I use a lunch pail with containers. I also reuse printer boxes from work for storage :)

  • Hey Joy! These shoes look awesome! What I do to reduce, reuse and recycle include:
    - reusable water bottle, and tea thermos
    -fabric bags for groceries
    -pack lunch with reusable containers
    - use cold water to wash clothes
    - take public transit
    - online banking to reduce paper
    - don’t waste food
    - vegan lifestyle

  • Lovin’ those kicks! I always bring Tupperwares to work for lunchtime and use glass jars for my on-the-go smoothies, or to store legumes. I keep a separate trash can for my organic waste. I use sturdy antibacterial hemp cloths around the home in order to not waste paper towels. I make my own cleaning solutions and refill the spray bottle I have. The list goes on!

  • I work with kids in an after school program so we do lots of projects based on taking care of our planet. I try to teach the kids about recycling, reducing, & reusing through fun lessons and by setting a positive example.

  • Wow i love these shoes!!! We always ‘think green’ at home. We use a brita filter and dont buy water bottles. I also hv a glass at work to fill up with filtered water. When i print at work i use old print outs that other workers left behind. Or i will double side the paper. I also try to ensure my coworkers understand the benefits of printing on both sides. We use glass tupperware and reusable water bottles. Always car pool or take public transit. We hv to start somewhere!

  • So cute! We recycle and compost. We also use our own re-usable bags for shopping. We try to use cleaning products that don’t harm the environment. And, we always use refillable glass or aluminum water bottles, as well as take out own utensils and plates for work lunches. We cut out as many paper products as possible, including napkins or paper towels, etc.

  • I always bring re-usable bags for shopping, use a glass water bottle and compost kitchen waste.

  • Hi Joy! I love reading your blog all the time, and you share such amazing health advice. It’s truly made a positive difference in my life, and you’re such a wonderful role model. Here’s my answer to your question:
    I re-use all glass containers (from using them for storage, as toothbrush holders, or for sprouting, there’s a million uses for glass containers)
    I recycle every week–all plastics, extra glass I don’t re-use, cardboard, paper, tins
    I bring my own tea and water when travelling outside the home, using my handy dandy David’s Tea thermos and stainless steel container
    I pack my own lunch in pyrex glass containers, and avoid buying out
    I make my own granola bars, granola, and baked goods to avoid unnecessary packaging
    I bring extra clothes to the Salvation Army instead of throwing them out
    I carry re-usable bags in my trunk so I never forget

    It’s so rewarding to adopt eco-friendly practices, and also good for the environment. It’s a win-win!

  • I am a recycle freak! I recycle and compost everything I can!
    I bring my own water bottle or to-go mug with me when I go out so I can have water or tea and not have to buy it.
    I always pack my own food and bring my own silverware with me.
    I re-use glass jars to store grains in or to us as drinking glasses.
    I bring my own bags to the grocery store!
    I save paper if it has a blank side to be used as scratch paper and make lists/notes on them.

  • Hi Joy. Love your blog. For recycling I use my own shopping bags, refillable water bottles, my own coffe travel mug and tea tumbler, glass containers and of course recyle newspapers, plastic and paper. I would love those shoes and I am making that salad today as I have all the ingredients :-)

  • Hi Joy, We use cloth napkins, I cut school memos in half and use the back of them for grocery lists, always have cloth bags in car, we don’t use a dishwasher, we all have stainless steel water bottles and i wash out jars to keep for other uses. Thank-you for your generous spirit!

  • Love these shoes, Joy! Other than the usual recycling…I save yogurt containers and jars for my kids. Last week my son made his own “grocery store” with all of our food containers.

  • LOVE those shoes (been envying them since you posted a pic on twitter a while back) AND I desperately need a new pair.

    My favorite ways to reduce, reuse and recycle are: using napkins and microfibre cloths instead of paper towel, using reusable cloth produce bags and keeping/cleaning jars from nut butters/sauces etc. to reuse.

  • Oh, those shoes are gorgeous! And that salad will make a good lunch after boot camp today! We recycle everything we can, use stainless steel water bottles, compost, make our own cleaning spray (instead of the stuff full of chemicals), use cloth shopping bags & use glass containers instead of plastic for leftovers.

  • I’m glad you gave us the opportunity to answer this question because I hadn’t realized until I really thought about it, just how much I reuse items. I have a pile of reusable grocery bags in my trunk along with reusable mesh bags for produce purchased at the market. I always use a reusable metal to-go cup to take tea with me when I leave the house. Whenever I receive a package, I save the boxes and padded envelopes to reuse. Often, I’ll wash jars from various food (pickles, sauerkraut, etc.) and if they don’t have a residual odor after washing, I reuse them to store beans and grains. I’m sure there’s more that i do, but that’s a good start for now!!!

  • We hardly ever have trash out b/c we recycle everything possible and use our composte. Love to recycle. I’m from the states and we are just starting to get it there. Now that I live in Canada it is refreshing at how much everyone recycles. Good job! I always use recycle bags for shopping.
    Love the shoes!

  • Heyo! What a great giveaway!
    One thing I do a lot less of is buying things with a lot of packaging. If a product, like a supplement for example, has unecessary packing like a box AND a the bottle…I’ll go for just the bottle-only product…
    I reuse jars from random things (like raw unpasteurized honey muahah!) for storage of sauces and other homemade goodies…
    I compost (and we also have the green bins here), so at the end of the week, there is VERY little actual garbage…most of the stuff is getting composted!
    I recycle plastics, etc. (but there isn’t much of that around here these days…)

  • Besides all of the “regular” recycling methods, it’s been nearly a year since we stopped using disposable plastic water bottles altogether and don’t use the thin plastic fruit and vegetable bags at the grocery store. Also, I reuse all of my old t-shirts (if I get a rip, stain or if they are just worn out) 100% cotton ones become towels and wraps for my hair out of the shower and blendd materials become rags for cleaning.

  • ps, I’m lovin reading everyone’s responses to this question! So many new and wonderful R R R ideas! Close the loop!

  • Good morning!

    I reuse:

    Little jam jars for my salad dressing (and reduce the use of extra dishes/utensiles by shaking up all the ingredients in the jar!), clothes (I pretty much wear them until they’re worn out lol), glass food containers to bring all my food for the day, stainless steel water bottles and have cut out the plastic, any glass jar I’ll find a use for (great for storing lentils, smoothies etc.)

    My sweet little puppy is our composter, he’ll eat our fruit and veggie scraps.

    I recycle anything and everything I can, even if I have a feeling it’s not going to be recycled at the facility, I will give it a chance!

    My goal is reduce my non-essential purchases :)

    Except for shoes, we all need those. I wear mine out quickly too!

    Great giveaway, and thank you!

  • To REDUCE the amount of plastic bottles in our landfills I use a Berkey Water Filter and re-fill my own reusable water bottle. To REUSE I always give my gently worn clothes away to friends, family and Goodwill stores and buy cute tops and such at thrift stores. To RECYCLE, I always save any aluminum cans I aquire and take them to the recycler. I love New Balances and love Joyous Health! So much awesome info!! Thanks Joy!!

  • I adore those sneakers!! We do what we can for the 3 R’s. Any plastic bottles that make their way into our home get upcycled into crafts, or filled with water and frozen for ice packs. I did cloth diapers with both my girls, which saved money on top of the environment. We do compost and keep our own garden in the summer and freeze veggies and do preserves for the winter.

  • We recycle and compost everything, we buy local veggies and fruits when we can from our farmer’s market and I try to walk wherever I can. Trying to teach the little guy early so that he too will recycle and be consciencious of the environment

  • Hi, I use Stainless Steel Bottles daily to carry my water to work.
    I use cloth bags when food shopping. I recycle all cardboard and plastics all the time. I use only Organic Products. I give my cloths away never throw away. I shut off the water while brushing my teeth, I shut the electric off when I leave for water daily and put it back on only when I need to use appliances. I try to buy Organic Cotton T Shirt when ever possible. Take Care this is a great give away. Hugs & Kisses Lucille :)

  • Hello everyone,
    First of all as we know these practices not only reduce waste, they reduce costs. Here are some examples;
    -To reduce:
    Use both sheet of a sheet before throwing it.
    Use cartridge pens instead of ball poit pens
    Bring you lunch in reusable plastic container
    Use a mug instead of polystrene glasses
    -To reuse
    Reuse item such as dry-ink cartridges and laser printer
    For excees furniture, clothes, …. you might find a taker if you put an ad on board at lundry room or on local websites
    -To Recycle
    Fine papers, cardboard, books, glass,plastic,metal all are recyclable.( use Black, Blue and Green Bins )
    For Computers, Batteris, Refrigerators and Fluorescent lamps if you must dispose them call OES ( Ontario Electronic Stewardship).
    *To avoid to use chemicals. Here are some recipes for cleaning solutions:
    -Wash counters, floors, etc., with a mixture of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water.
    -Rust Stains. Scrab with lemon joice mixed with salt.
    -Stailless steel sinks. Rub with Olive oil to remove streaks.
    Remember these practices not only reduce WASTE, they reduce COSTS.
    Thanks Joy,

  • I’ve learned to be green from my mom and grandma! I recycle everything I can and produce very little garbage. I buy in bulk. I mend/fix rather than tossing things. I try to spend a bit more on things that will last longer. We grow a lot of our own herbs & sprouts all year and veggies in the summer. I do my best to buy local and try to never waste food.
    I avoid plastics and packaging as much as possible. I try to find a second use for anything that may have run its course. I donate clothes/items to give them a second life. I’m working hard to have and accumulate less useless ‘stuff’. Even my xmas tree is a living tree!

  • In my house we try and recycle everything, we try and buy the least amount of plastic possible and we compost! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  • Love the shoes, what a great idea!! Ok so we recycle EVERYTHING! and we compost when the service is available. I always carry a RuMe bag and re-use plastic bags for bulk items. :)

  • Hi Joy,

    The shoes look awesome! I live in an building and use our blue bins to recycle what I can. I take my reusable cloth bags with me when I go shopping. I buy organic and and as much local foods as I can from my farmers market. I bring my lunch to work in glass containers and use a stainless steel water bottle. I also make a point to have online billing when possible, instead of having the paper ones sent to me.

  • Running is one of the best things ever & these shoes are so cute! In our home we are huge on decreasing impact on the environment. We reduce our house hold garbage by not buying things in large wasteful packaging!!! By purchasing fresh items, bulk items, and baking your own treats, you can greatly decrease waste, and therefore have less to reuse & recycle.

  • I carpool to work, it makes me feel so good to know that by driving together we are decreasing the amount of pollution if we all drove separately. I’ve changed my magazine subscriptions to digital versions, and I always buy used text books. I take all my “old” stuff to goodwill. I am using solar powered out door lights, even my Christmas lights were solar powered. I started raising awareness about products at work that are recyclable, things that were routinely being tossed straight into the trash.

    This contest is great! I personally love new balance shoes, they are the only sneakers I can wear that don’t cause my arch to cramp.

  • I love those shoes! We recycle everything we can. We buy things that are made from other recycled products if there’s the option to do so. We bring our own shoppings when we’re out. We use travel mugs & water bottles. We walk, bike, use public transit, or carpool to get anywhere. We shop at farmer’s markets to support local foods.

  • We do all the usual stuff – recycle; compost; homemade green cleaners, laundry detergent, & personal care products; travel mugs, minimal plastic, etc. Not so usual though is our use of cloth: for napkins, rags, kleenex, diapers, feminine hygiene, and toilet paper. Re-using cloth saves money, trees, and landfill space!

  • Cute shoes!!! and I’d love to win them.
    To do my part with the 3 R’s I
    -take re-usable bags to store
    -recycle plastics, bottles and paper products
    -take my lunch in re-useable containers
    -re-fill my stainless steel water bottle
    -try to be more cognizant of the environment and my footprint everyday

  • We recycle reuse almost everything – glass jars from tomato sauce hold leftovers and beans, we bring our own bags to stores, reusable mugs for tea, banned plastic wrap from our house and use little containers for lunch, buy things in bulk (like giant tubs of coconut oil for instance), compost vegetable scraps, take clothes to Goodwill, use the library instead of buying every book, walk, bike or take transit instead of driving, BUY LESS STUFF!!

  • We do lots of things with newspaper, one of the best being using them in the garden under the mulch to keep weeds down. They decompose over the winter and keep the weeds out in the summer. I also save the plastic containers form the organic greens to store things in. They fit a pair of shoes perfectly and you can see which shoes they are through the clear plastic container, so no labels required.

  • I use reusable shopping bags at the grocery store and all-natural beauty products that won’t harm the environment!

  • When I’m sittin’ in a cafe or bistro enjoying my organic, fair trade java, I always ask for a mug instead of paper cup! Reusable & much less waste!

  • Hi there, love your recipes by the way. I use totes for shopping, recycle everything possible, and use a Brita filter instead of plastic water bottles. Thanks!

  • I cloth diaper my little one, use cloth shopping bags, & recycle all paper, glass, & plastic that I can in the blue/grey bins.

  • This shoes are so cool!
    I use reusable shopping bags when grocery shopping and always carry one with me in my purse in case I make an unexpected trip to the store.
    We use reusable glass containers to store food in my fridge and to take for lunch. We also use water bottles and tea mugs.
    We wash our clothes with cold water and hang to dry.
    And we recycle everything!

  • I love those shoes! I use reusable shopping bags and produce bags, we compost, I try to buy things in glass containers so they can be easily reused, instead of plastic, while can be recycled, it has to get processed to do so. Also, never ever buy plastic water bottles, ick!

  • Like most, we do our best to ensure that whatever we dispose of that is recyclable ends always goes into the blue box rather than in the garbage. And like everyone, that we tote our own cloth bags to the store rather than using plastic bags.
    However, I think one of the biggest ways we reduce is through the choices we’ve made about how we eat – largely whole, unprocessed food. We try to support local farmers and by eliminating a lot of processed food from our diet, this reduces emissions and energy that would have otherwise been used to process or transport our food. We usually pre-purchase a weekly seasonal organic produce box that we pick up in a reusable Rubbermaid tub. This also eliminates even the clear plastic bags/liners you would otherwise get when buying produce at stores. Once we get home, produce is washed and stored in our own big glass containers. Whatever we can do counts!

  • I use reusable shopping bags, always recycle, and donate unwanted clothes to Goodwill.

  • I use reusable bags, recycle everything, and donate old clothes to Goodwill.

  • I try to reduce the garbage I bring into my house by buying in bulk and using re-usable bags, travel mugs etc. I reuse plastic bags/containers until they fall apart, and I recycle everything I can!

  • I wanted to comment but not for the giveaway… but thought I’d enter it anyway!

    reuse: mason jars from bought honey… they make handsome displays for grains and beans; all paper bags, all plastic bags, one-sided printed paper, old books and magazines for inspiration boards and diy art projects, old cassettes and vinyl for art projects..

    recycle: paper is the biggest one as I use up a ton; all mail, all bills (shredded/ripped), all brochures, all newspapers… the one thing I feel very guilty for not remembering to recycle are post-it notes after they get all crumpled up… and I used a ton of sticky notes!

    reduce: all garbage besides compost! :D

    just wanted to ask: do you recommend eating a protein (or any) meal/snack after working out each time? I find that after exercise I rarely want to eat, maybe juice/water at most.

  • Besides the recycling and composting….any old clothes are donated to charity, or cut up to use as rags around the house/in the garage, and empty kleenex boxes are used to store the random plastic grocery bags that end up in our house!

  • First off I want to say that honestly I love recycling!!! I feel great satisfaction seeing the blue bag full of stuff going away to be recycled which otherwise would end up in the landfill.

    Multiple times a year I go through my closet and donate clothes I haven’t worn in a long time to charity.

    I use safe and re-usable waterbottles & coffee/travel mugs! There is never any confusion with friends/co-workers asking is that yours or mine.

    I always bring my backpack and a few other re-useable bags to the grocery store so I dont come home with tons of plastic.

  • We recycle all paper, plastic, glass, and cardboard. We bring re-usable bags on all shopping trips, and are very conscious of packaging, trying to bring our own bags for produce and buy bulk as often as possible. I also host girls’ nights where we swap clothes, recycling them instead of chucking them out. So many ways to reduce, re-use and recycle. :) Thanks Joy for hosting such an awesome contest–fingers crossed for this amazing pair of shoes from New Balance. :)

  • OMG, totally cute shoes! You have such great taste, Joy, and I’ve always been a fan of New Balance. Here are my ways of incorporating the 3 R’s into everyday life:
    Compost to lessen garbage and enrich soil for healthy gardens each summer (all my juicing pulp and tea leaves go in to compost too!)
    Buy clothing from thrift stores as much as possible
    Stainless steel water containers all the way!
    Glass containers for lunches each day and freezing left-overs for quick suppers on busy days
    Re-use glass jars for holding toothbrushes, storing baking products (i.e. oats, flour, baking soda), and sprouting sprouts)
    Take old clothing to Salvation Army/Value Village
    Recycle all recyclables every week
    Avoid plastic bags, packing fold-up re-usable bags on shopping trips. The RuMe bags are awesome for that.

    All in all, quite a wide range of adopting the 3 R’s! I’m sure there’s many more too, and the list goes on!

    Peace and love,


  • Going Green :) So exciting!
    1. Instead of depending on disposable bags offered by stores, I use reusable bags for all of my shopping needs (Even clothes shopping!)
    2.When I pack my lunch for work, I use (re)zip baggies instead of plastic baggies.
    3. I turn the lights off after leaving a room! I also try to unplug my beauty appliances and cell phone charger because even when they are not in use (even if something is turned off) it still sucks out a bit of energy!

  • We do all the usual. Reduce reuse recycle. Where possible purchase without packaging or purchase previously loved support local farmers and businesses we even manage with one car now. There is always more we can do though.

  • I always use reusable shopping bags, as well as reusable produce bags. We eat a ton of beans, so I cook huge batches of beans and freeze them in reusable containers, thereby forgoing the need to buy canned! I also buy upwards of 90% of all household items and clothing by thrifting.

  • I try to reduce and reuse where possible. But I am a huge recycler. I put out 4 blue boxes every week.

  • To reduce: I buy dried beans in the bulk section to prevent buying the ones that come in huge plastic containers and cans

    To reuse: try to mend and repair before discarding and replacing, save plastic bags and reuse them at supermarkets

    To recycle: my family has a fun way to recycle at home. We each have a blue box and at the end of the month, the person with the most recyclable items wins a prize (which is decided by my dad)!

  • Hi Joy! Oh gosh … I love me them shoes!! I can picture myself heading off to yoga with them now. :)

    Here’s the triple R program in my home:
    - glass, glass, glass … i re-use jars as my water bottles for yoga and just out and about, as well as to store left overs, lettuce, and so on in the fridge, re-use jam jars for salad dressings, pickle jars for nails, and the list goes on
    - we use glass ‘tupperware’ for lunches instead of baggies
    - we compost everything we can, green bin, black bin, and blue bin … very little ends up in the garbage
    - we use shopping bags when we shop
    - we buy in bulk and bring our glass containers to refill where applicable
    - we shop local wherever possible: have a local veggie delivery, shop at markets when seasonally available, local items in grocery stores in winter, etc.
    - we do magazine swaps/shares with friends
    - we do a 2x per year ‘spring and fall cleaning’ where about 20+ of my gal pals get together and swap just about everything under the sun (clothes, books, kitchen stuff, make-up, toys, shoes, furniture, knick knacks, and the list goes on) and everything that doesn’t find a home goes to salvation army
    - oh, and i’m a thrift-a-holic … it’s unbelievable what you can find and turn into treasure for your home with a little tlc
    - we keep tissue paper, gift wrap and bags and re-use
    - make cards from cool mag clippings
    - we keep our house cool in the winter (i live in Ottawa, Canada) – our motto is ‘put on a schweater!’ and although we have an air conditioner it only goes on about 3x a summer (it’s eco smart and very pocket smart)
    - if you’re not in the room, turn off the lights (another eco smart and wallet smart)
    - wash clothes in cold and hang to dry, always!
    - we avoid products that have excessive packaging
    - we chose to live in centretown so we could walk everywhere we possibly can

    that’s it off the top of my head…
    fingers and TOES crossed.
    xoxo kate

  • I always use reusable shopping bags when I go grocery shopping, I reuse mason jars when I make things like salad dressings and sauces, and I reused all of the baby food jars I bought for my little ones to store things like craft materials and office supplies!

  • Love the shoes! As well as this site of yours Joy, very cute!
    I use stainless steel water bottles, recycle everything that qualifies, reuse paper and send as little as possible to the landfill.

  • These shoes look amazing and love the eco friendly aspect. I try to help out the planet by using reusable bags, composting is great and eating local or growing your own great food. Yay mother nature!

  • Love the shoes! I recycle everything in my house (and encourage my roommates too as well!), use reusable shopping bags and always turn off lights I’m not using in my house! :)

  • I make sure to recycle anything that can be recycled, turn off any lights when I’m not in the room, time my trips so that I only drive into town once for several things (vs. several times for one thing), buy used clothing and furniture, take 5 minute showers, bring my lunch in reusable containers, and pretty much whatever I can to reduce my impact on the environment.

    p.s. I love these shoes!!

  • We just moved and did what we could to avoid throwing things out. We rented reusable plastic moving boxes instead of getting cardboard ones — the company will just pick them up when we’re unpacked. And we either sold, donated, or recycled the things we weren’t bringing. And having to pack and move has definitely inspired me to bring less stuff into our new home!

  • Cool shoes! We recycle all paper, and anything else that can be recycled. We always bring reusable bags to the grocery store or shopping anywhere else. We use stainless steel water bottles. We compost. We notice that on garbage day, we have way less trash than any of our neighbours!

  • I only use (reuse) glass water bottles – never plastic. I buy organic cleansers because I don’t want to poison our drinking water. I always bring a re-useable shopping bag with me when I grocery shop. I watch how much energy/water I use in the house. I unplug everything electrical in my house when I’m not using it. I make my own food whenever possible and I try not to buy pre-packaged foods. I recycle and I try to give good food away to the homeless/needy if I haven’t touched it. Blessings, “crossing” my fingers!

  • I only use (reuse) glass water bottles – never plastic. I buy organic cleansers because I don’t want to poison our drinking water. I always bring a re-useable shopping bags with me when I grocery shop. I watch how much energy/water I use in the house. I unplug everything electrical in my house when I’m not using it. I make my own food whenever possible and I try not to buy pre-packaged foods. I recycle and I try to give good food away to the homeless/needy if I haven’t touched it. Blessings, “crossing” my fingers!

  • I frickin’ love these shoes!!! I recycle always at home and work, but I also participate in freecycle group and repurpose discarded things into home decor items.

  • I walk everywhere! I am blessed to live in a very convenient location that allows me to do so :)

  • This is such an important topic! Such an amazing number of responses with such great ideas–you should compile them all and write a major list of everything a person can do to practice the 3 R’s. That being said, I would love to win these uber-chic and eco-friendly shoes. Here is my response:

    Re-use glass for everything imaginable. Re-use cardboard boxes that hold candles or tea, using them to hold pens, pencils, paperclips. There’s a storage idea for any item.

    Bring re-usable bags on all of my shopping expeditions, and the sticky note on my dash reminds me to take them out of the trunk!

    Compost all my fruit and veggie peels and tea leaves

    Pack lunches in glass containers, bring my own cutlery, and use stainless steel water bottles and pack my own tea in thermoses

    That’s all I can think of for now but I’m certain there’s so much more. Best of luck to everyone entering the contest. Fingers/toes/every part of my body crossed! ;)


  • Reusable coffee mugs! I’m also big on finding items on craigslist instead of purchasing new items! I love New Balance!

  • Love washing out glass jars to reuse for nuts and seeds :)

  • I recycle everything I can, but I am most proud of teaching my parents how to recycle! (and they still do it years later).

  • Instead of buying everything new, I try to buy used appliances like ice cream makers whenever possible. I also try to encourage my friends to be concious of reducing, reusing and recycling by making gifts for them by hand, things they know aren’t toxic that they can reuse, such as lip balms and other body products in nice containers.

  • I live in Nova Scotia so we recycle everything possible and also do compost. I love reusing peanut butter jars for storing raisins, nuts, chia seeds, or anything that comes in a non-resealable bag!

  • Whoa! Cool kicks giveaway!
    I love to R-R-R: cloth bags at the grocery store, drinking out of mason jars, composting my garden scraps, and eating locally when I can.
    Amazing salad recipe Joy!

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  • Have just finished an inquiry unit – mini mall – with my grade 5 students. The businesses had to be focussed around the 3 E’s – ethical, environmental and entrepreneurial. We encouraged the selling of up-cycled goods using re-cycled materials. Some products made included: pop tab bracelets, t-shirt bags (from old t-shirts), i-pod holders using recycled fabrics, locker magnets using old McDonald toys, etc. It was a huge success and the children learned a great deal.