Granola Breakfast in a Mason Jar Recipe


Hello joyous readers and happy friday!

My love for mason jars continues. Hopefully you tried my last recipe Mason Jar Quinoa Salad. If so, did you like it?

Mason jars are very portable, eco-friendly and the perfect size for this granola breakfast. This is the kind of breakfast you will really appreciate when you have a super crazy busy week! Rather than skipping breakfast which can fire up your insulin levels (fat storage) and negatively impact your blood sugar (giving your cravings and making you moody) make this the night before or first thing in the morning and take it with you to the office.

When I eat this for breakfast I feel well balanced, my blood sugar levels are in check and my belly is joyous!

Here’s the recipe.

Instructions for 1 serving.

Grab your favourite glass jar and build your granola breakfast in layers.

  1. Layer bottom with dark berries. I used about 1/3 cup organic frozen* raspberries
  2. Spoon in sheep/goat or coconut milk yogurt. 1/4-1/2 cup
  3. Add your favourite granola, 1/4-1/2 cup. I used Steph’s Super Granola for mine.
  4. Half chopped banana
  5. Sprinkle 1 tbsp sprouted chia seeds

Optional: Mix in 2 tbsp of your favourite protein powder into the yogurt.

Voila! I used frozen* fruit at the bottom to help keep the yogurt chilled. You could make these the night before and store in your fridge. I usually make them the morning and then eat it about 1-2 hours after it’s been made. It’s fine to travel in your bag for a short amount of time. And no, the granola did not go soggy in that short amount of time :) Someone already asked me this so I thought I would mention it. If you are worried about soggy granola, just put it in separate bag or jar and mix it in later.

Remember to bring a spoon if you are taking it with you. :)


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Joy McCarthy

Joy McCarthy is the vibrant Holistic Nutritionist behind Joyous Health. Author of JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well. Read more...

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