Beet Strawberry Muffins

May, 31 2016 by Joy McCarthy

Have you ever combined beets and strawberries in the same recipe? This might surprise you, but they are meant to be together – a match made in joyous heaven!   Why? The strawberries soften the strong "earthiness" of the beets and lend a lovely natural sweetness to this recipe. Surprisingly, the strong taste of the beets does not overshadow the strawberries. This recipe made me giddy with excitement to share with you because the muffins are SO GOOD. As you can see in the photos, the batter was so vibrant and rich thanks to all those phytonutrients (more on that in... Read more


Guest Post: Clean Green Kale Smoothie

Hi Joyous Health readers! I’m thrilled to be back and sharing an amazing detoxifying recipe with you. Smoothies are my go-to breakfast and snack because they are super quick and...

Apr, 16 2016 by Jesse Lane Lee


Breakfast, Detox

Chocolate Chia Granola

Chocolate Chia Granola

You may have noticed based on my recent post for Chocolate Quinoa Cake, that I've been on a bit of a chocolate kick lately. Have you tried it yet? It's...

Jan, 14 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Breakfast, Dairy Free

Chia Breakfast Cappuccino Pudding-03370

Mochaccino Chia Breakfast Pudding

I made this for Walker because he loves the taste of coffee and combined with chocolate... it is a match made in joyous heaven! Every single week I make some...

Feb, 9 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Breakfast, Detox

Go Green Smoothie-1

Greens+ Joyous Smoothie

As you may have heard, we're doing a 21-day Go Green challenge - you can sign up here for free and join us! I wanted to create a special smoothie for...

Sep, 10 2015 by Joy McCarthy


Breakfast, Recipes

Raspberry Overnight Oats

Guest Post: Raspberry Coconut Overnight Oats

Breakfast is tough. In a society where instant is everything, how can we make our breakfasts fast and healthy? Here, I give you the recipe for the perfect breakfast fast...

Jan, 23 2016 by Sara Bradford


Breakfast, Gluten Free

Blueberry Bliss Smoothie Bowl

Blueberry Bliss Smoothie Bowl

Ever make a smoothie too thick to slurp from a cup so you add more liquid and toss it back in the blender? You don't have to do that anymore...

Aug, 4 2015 by Joy McCarthy


Breakfast, Dairy Free