A six-week in-person holistic nutrition & yoga program designed to help you create a healthier body and mind in a peaceful and beautiful space.

(Can’t make it in-person? Check out Eat Well Online)

I started this course to inspire people to create a healthier body and mind by gaining a greater understanding of how nutrition, movement and our mindset impact how we feel.

You will be empowered and inspired every class to improve your relationship with food and yourself. All levels welcome (yoga newbies – experienced yogis welcome).

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  • 60 min inspiring nutrition session with Joy
  • Food journal review and general comments from previous week
  • 60-75 min rejuvenating and detoxifying yoga sessions



  • Week 1: Nutrition – Holistic Fundamentals | Yoga – Cultivating a sacred practice (Grounding poses & Breathing exercises)
  • Week 2: Nutrition - Digestive Health | Yoga - The art of self-repair (Spinal twists & binds)
  • Week 3: Nutrition - Foods and Emotional Health | Yoga - Be light to yourself (Introduction to inversions)
  • Week 4: Nutrition - Stress-busters | Yoga - Be still & let go (Gentle flow for opening the hips)
  • Week 5: Nutrition - Superfoods | Yoga - Self-love first (Heart openers & backbends)
  • Week 6: Nutrition - Detoxification | Yoga - Tending the fire (Core power flow)


Nutrition & Yoga together will help you achieve
a healthy body and a new relationship with food.


  • Learn how to eat mindfully and improve your eating habits
  • Gain insight into how the food choices you make everyday impact your emotions, your mental health and your body
  • Become aware of your body and gain confidence, strength and mobility with yoga
  • Enjoy a good sweat and deep stretch while reducing anxiety and anxious eating
  • Be inspired, motivated, feel confident that you have the knowledge to make healthier decisions


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Joy McCarthy is a Holistic Nutritionist, founder of Joyous Healthauthor of Joyous Health: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and creator of Eat Well Feel Well, Toronto’s first integrated nutrition and yoga program.


Audrey Gentile is a yoga teacher, culinary arts graduate, wife and bulldog mom. Hailing from northern Quebec, her yoga journey began in 2002. Audrey’s teaching is infused with authenticity and her focus is on empowering the students to connect with their own wisdom and strength.

She can be found teaching in local studios, in private at-home classes, in satellite workshops and as part of her immersive retreat experience, L’Anima, in Italy.

Audrey’s love for yoga is matched by her passion for slow and ethical food. Her attention being on the quality of both these sacred practices, the essence is ultimately feeding the body and soul in a true holistic sense and as a way to celebrate life. For more info www.audreygentile.com


“The past six weeks have been so enjoyable…I am really starting to feel the effects and I am so glad I took your course!”

“…before this course I had started to get off course in terms of my health, both physically and spiritually. This course has given me the inspiration to get back on course.”

“Eat Well Feel Well teaches you the life skills necessary to lead a happier and healthier mental and physical well being.”

“I left each session feeling physically energized, more focused and confident. Eat Well Feel Well is a definite must for anyone wanting to kick start a healthier lifestyle”

“This course should be mandatory for all citizens of the world! Treat yourself to something your body has been wanting for years.”

“I highly recommend the Eat Well Feel Well program for any individual that is interested in learning more about health, nutrition and overall wellbeing.”

“I absolutely loved the Eat Well, Feel Well Program! The fact that Joy will look over your food diary and give you feedback is worth the price alone.”

Joy’s nutrition session gave me the information I needed to feel smarter in what I eat…and the Yoga instruction made me feel stronger in my Yoga practice and rested relaxed ready to take on my week ahead.”

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