By watching these seminars, you will have armed yourself with the knowledge to help take your health to new heights. Whether the information is brand new, or simply a good reminder – I hope you’re inspired to continue down the path to vibrant, awesome, joyous health!

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The average person is exposed to a cocktail of 126 chemicals from personal care products alone, according to the Environmental Working Group. Unfortunately our exposure to chemicals doesn’t stop there. Food, pharmaceuticals, household cleaners and more prevent our body from experiencing joyous health. In fact, your toxic overload can prevent weight loss, cause skin and digestive problems, lower your immune system and wreak havoc on your hormones. Learn the top detox superfoods to support your body’s detox pathways, the best supplements to aid the body in the removal of harmful toxins and lifestyle habits to engage in every single day to support the body so that you may experience the joyous health you deserve! In addition to this online seminar, a handout in PDF format provided.



Digestion is truly the foundation of joyous health. However, it can also be the root of disease and disharmony in the body. In this online seminar you will learn the fascinating connection between the health of your gut and your emotional well-being, immune health, skin health, body fat composition and more. Your gut is literally your second brain! In fact, as you will learn your gut produces the same hormones as your brain. In the second half of the seminar you will learn the five toxic trigger foods to avoid and essential steps to improve your digestion, called the five “R”s: remove, replace, re-inoculate, repair and relax including food combining and mindful eating. In addition to this online seminar, a handout in PDF format provided.



Stress is a leading cause of illness in North America. When chronic, stress has negative health implications from headaches to obesity, heart disease, depression, anxiety and more. It can wreak havoc on your hormonal system by increasing fat storage hormones, lowering libido and weakening your immune system. The health of your body will determine whether you sail through stressful times with ease or become another statistic burdened with negative affects of chronic stress. You will learn key nutrients and food sources, proper nutrition and lifestyle habits to beat stress with ease. In addition to this online seminar, a handout in PDF format provided.