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Kick-start your detox journey with our collection of essential detox items.

Joyous Detox Essentials Package

CAD $102.54
Included in your bundle:
Joyous Detox Tea
Dry Skin Brush (13" Sisal)
Lip TreatMint Lip Balm (3-Pack)
Dead Sea Salt: Lavender Detox Bath
'Smooth Like Butta' Body Butter
Natural Deodorant Stick


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Product Details

Smooth Like Butta Body Butter

Just like the label says, you’ll be feeling smooth like butta! These butters and oils are blended together and whipped into creamy clouds. Smooth Like Butta will deeply nourish and hydrate your skin – no chemical additives, nothing you can’t stick on your spoon!

Joyous Detox Tea 

A caffeine free, delicious tea made with organic and all natural ingredients to help keep you balanced and support your body's detox systems. 1 Tsp per Cup | 100g | 40 Servings

Dead Sea Salt: Detox Bath

Let the minerals of the Dead Sea Salts Detoxify & Soothe your muscles while the citrus melody of Grapefruit, Orange, Lemon, Lime & Juniper essential oils uplift your senses.

Dry Skin Brush (13" Sisal)

Dry skin brushing is as essential to your health and beauty as brushing your teeth. You instantly feel invigorated and rejuvenated. Learn more about how to Dry Skin Brush and the health benefits in this post. 

Lip TreatMint Lip Balm (3-Pack)

Are you addicted to having smooth, kissable lips? Us too! This lip balm is great applied on it’s own or over top of your favourite natural lipstick for some extra moisture. It’s also wonderful to sooth dry, chapped lips. Great for kids!

Natural Deodorant Stick 

Clinically proven sage extract keeps you stink-free and free from chemicals that don't belong on or in your body.

Additional Information

Please note: Body Butter is currently out of stock and is not included in package. The price has been adjusted. 

1 Reviews
Joyous Customer   •   June 15, 2017

So glad that I ordered some things to try out! The lavender deodorant is amazing!!! I thought that I would need to alternate with my old chemical based deodorant but no way! Yours totally does the job and I smell amazing 😉. Right now I have the body butter lathered all over by bod and I smell like a delicious chocolate bar. Love ❤️ all the products, both cookbooks and the YouTube channel. I'm a fan.

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