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'Smooth Like Butta' Body Butter

Sold Out

You’ll be feeling 'smooth like butta' after quenching your skin with this ultra-hydrating and creamy body butter!

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Not only will you fall in love with how soft and smooth this 'Smooth Like Butta' Body Butter will leave your skin feeling, but you might even be tempted to eat it thanks to it's delicious, rich cocoa scent (and you technically could, since it's made up of real, clean ingredients!).

Organic coconut oil*, mango butter, organic cocoa butter*, organic grapeseed oil*, shea butter, sweet almond oil.

*Certified Organic Ingredient

8oz • 227g

Apply to entire body after showering for maximum absorption, or to dry patches of skin (including eczema).

Joyous Reviews
9 Reviews
Angela   •   May 25, 2017

My first thought upon opening up the jar and catching that whiff of cocoa butter, ā€œIā€™m going to be needing some more of this.ā€ And it leaves my skin feeling amazing, too!

Joyous Customer   •   June 15, 2017

So glad that I ordered some things to try out! The lavender deodorant is amazing!!! I thought that I would need to alternate with my old chemical based deodorant but no way! Yours totally does the job and I smell amazing šŸ˜‰. Right now I have the body butter lathered all over by bod and I smell like a delicious chocolate bar. Love ā¤ļø all the products, both cookbooks and the YouTube channel. I'm a fan.

Dawn   •   July 14, 2017

Body Butter is exactly what it says. The consistency is like butter mousse. I have used many moisturizers over the years, but this is by far the best. I use it after my Dead Sea salt bath in the evening and it leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished with the bonus of no harmful chemicals. Yay!! Thanks Joy.

Cathy M.   •   September 1, 2017

This product smells amazing and works really well too. I was a little hesitant to pay almost $25 for a jar of moisturizer because I have very sensitive skin and nothing works for me, but this stuff is great. I love it!

Janet   •   October 26, 2017

Loved this!

Charlene   •   November 22, 2017

Lovely moisturizer. Good smell, goes on smooth, and not overly oily.

Katja   •   December 8, 2017

It smells wonderful and I love the texture of the butter!

Julie   •   December 10, 2017

This moisturizer smells fabulous, has a great texture and really does its job. Love the natural ingredients. I use it mainly at night because I do find it a bit greasy.

Julie   •   July 31, 2018

I recently purchased the smooth like butta body butter and it's amazing! I had to get shellac nails for a wedding, after a few weeks I peeled off the shellac and it left my nails all brittle and the surface scratched. I put the body butter overnight on my nails and couldn't believe how much it had repaired my nails (the dryness and scratches were almost gone)!

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