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Lemon Deodorant Cream

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Bye-bye stinky pits and toxic deodorant! This soothing deodorant will make your pits feel like heaven without the harmful chemicals (like aluminum) found in conventional deodorant.

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Armpits are often over-looked, but are so important to our overall health given that they are home to sweat glands that help to regulate body temperature, as well as over 20 lymph nodes, where immune cells are made. That's just one of the many reasons you'll want to steer clear of conventional deodorant that often contains ingredients that are hormone disruptors and skin irritants, including aluminum, phthalates, parabens, benzyl alcohol and fragrance.

Side note: The magic ingredient in our deodorant creams that keep you stink-free is baking soda. While it's incredibly effective, it may cause irritation and/or redness for people with sensitive skin after prolonged use. If you have sensitive skin, 

The magic ingredient in our deodorant creams that keep you stink-free is baking soda.

While it's incredibly effective at soaking up the stink, it may cause irritation and/or redness for people with sensitive skin, especially after prolonged use. If you have sensitive skin, please try our Natural Deodorant Sticks, which are formulated to be more gentle on your skin while still keeping you fresh!

If you really love our deodorant creams but experience some redness, we suggest alternating between our deodorant creams and sticks every few days.

Organic Grapeseed oil, Arrowroot powder, Aluminum-free Baking Soda, Organic Emulsifying wax, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Lemon Essential oil


Highlighted Ingredients:

Organic grapeseed oil — is rich in antioxidants to repair and tone the skin and is therapeutic for eczema and dermatitis. The mild astringent action of this oil is beneficial skin inflammation and rashes.

Arrowroot powder — to help absorb excess moisture.

Aluminum-free baking soda — kills bacteria, neutralizes odour, and soothes itch. Note: There are some people sensitive to baking soda when applied topically. If you have a sensitivity this product may not be best for you.

Shea butter – rich in vitamins A and D to protect the skin from damage and heal skin irritations (bye-bye razor burn!).

Vitamin E — this fat soluble vitamin is crucial in protecting the skin from damage and premature aging. A natural preservative, it also extends the shelf life of cosmetics.

Essential oils — like lemon, are antimicrobial, healing for the skin and add a nice smell.

Apply pea-sized amount to underarm area. Wait 10-15 minutes before applying to freshly shaven skin. Do not use on irritated skin.

Caution: For external use only, if adverse reactions occur, stop use and contact your physician. If you are sensitive to baking soda based deodorant, then use the Deodorant stick instead. 

7 Reviews
Linda   •   January 26, 2017

I was a little nervous about trying this out while at work, but I didn’t need to be, because the lavender deodorant cream does a fantastic job! I felt clean, fresh and dry the entire day. I would like to try the stick to see which one I prefer, but so far, I give a thumbs up to the cream deodorant.

Gisele   •   January 26, 2017

I ordered the Lemmon Fresh and absolutely LOVE the smell! It smells AMAZING! The smell reminds me of those lemon suckers I had as a kid after getting a flu shot haha. This is by far the best smelling natural deodorant I’ve ever tried! The only problem is I think maybe there is too much lemon in it because my armpits become red and irritated after a couple days of using it :(. I switched back to my other stuff for a few days till it cleared up then tried again. (tried this process a couple times just to be sure) and it always comes back :( I still haven’t quite given up on it (I absolutely love it, maybe I’m in denial lol). Going to try again. Thinking maybe the Lavender one will be better for my skin… still giving it 5 stars because I think this is a great product! (my skin just might be more sensitive then others.)

Valerie   •   January 26, 2017

The best natural deodorant that I have tried so far!! The texture is nice and it does not melt in your hand. The scent is nice and it STAYS all day! The other one that I tried, I was stinky by mid-day. Not good! I wasn’t sure if I should buy again a natural one. I’m soooo glad that I bought this Joyous deodorant!!! You would not regret it!

Thalita   •   July 10, 2017

Finally found a great deodorant! I bought the Lovely Lavender Deo Cream and Worked really well :)
Thanks Joy!

Kim   •   June 13, 2018

As a woman it's very important to me that I'm not putting questionable ingredients on my skin- esp on a sensitive and vulnerable area like my pitts! I tried pretty much every natural deodorant on the market. It wasn't worth it to me if it didn't work properly. Finding the lemon deodorant dream from Joyous Health was a total game changer and now it's a product I can't live without.

darrel K.   •   June 17, 2018

Smells and works great, coming from a guy's point of view. I've tried other natural deodorants in the past with no success. But this works wonderfully! I would definitely recommend it to others and I'll be purchasing this again.

Dawn   •   June 18, 2018

I am loving Joy’s all natural deodorant. Hot and super humid here in Toronto, and I felt clean and fresh all day. Cream or stick, lemon or lavender, both are equally effective and smell yummy. If you are feeling sceptical, don’t be. Take the plunge. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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