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Holiday Mama Bundle

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As a busy mama, you learn to appreciate the little things – the warmth of a nourishing cup of tea, healthy snacks to turn to and all natural soothing creams to smother your body with love!

This bundle is perfect for: the special mama (or you!) who wants nothing more than to nourish her pre-, during and post-pregnancy body with delicious eats & a toxin-free environment for her and her family.


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1 x Lovely Lavender Deodorant Cream

Say bye-bye to stinky pits, for real. Our moisturizing deo will make your pits feel like heaven without the nasty chemicals found in conventional products.

1 x Belly Bump Butter

Give your growing belly bump some love! Spread anywhere you need it – your tummy, nipples, hips, back or bum. It is a nourishing cuticle oil too.

1 x Honest Leaf Flow Tea

your growing belly bump some love! Spread anywhere you need it – y

1 x Rawcology Superfood Chocolate Coconut Chips

Rawcology’s coconut chips may be the newest addition to my kitchen cupboards, but they are already one of my favourites! Rawcology’s commitment to healthy, delicious snacks are evidenced by their organic, gluten-free, high fiber, nut-free, non-GMO and school safe ingredients.

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The tree, box and ornaments are for decorative purposes only, and are not included with your purchase.

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