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Joyous Detox Online


A 4-week designed to show you how good your body is meant to look and feel. Discover simple habits and whole-life strategies that will leave you feeling vibrant and energized.

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Format: Online Program
Includes: 17 video lessons, Downloadable Workbooks, Complimentary copy of the Joyous Detox book and Natural Beauty Guide.


Get in depth with Joy as she leads you through weekly video tutorials accompanied by homework and checklists to help you apply your learnings.

Cook, laugh, learn and be inspired along as Joy takes you through the key modules of the program that will have you feeling better than ever. Watch at your own pace and even replay an episode to catch anything you missed or for a refresher.

Week 1: Acceptance & Awareness

Week 2: Renewal

Week 3: Nourish

Week 4: Transform & Rejuvenate

  • A comprehensive 4-week online course where you'll learn simple habits and strategies to live a detox-friendly lifestyle, effortlessly
  • The inspiration and information to show you how good your body is designed to look and feel
  • Access to exclusive discounts in the Joyous Shop, including our natural body care and hair care products
  • Practical homework and checklists to help reinforce the week's learnings and begin to form the new habits that will help you on your path towards Joyous Health
  • Access to a supportive, like-minded online community
  • A complimentary copy of Joyous Detox (valued at $32) and the Natural Beauty Guide (valued at $35)

This products is 100% digital and nothing will be mailed to you, other than your complimentary copy of Joyous Detox. Due to the nature of digital products, we are unable to offer any refunds. For more information please read our terms and conditions.

12 Reviews
Cheryl   •   January 25, 2019

I am enjoying the Joyous Detox so far. The videos help reinforce what is in the book. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to detox their body and home.

Michelle   •   January 29, 2019

Such a great and easy to follow daily detox plan!

Monika   •   February 1, 2019

I enjoy making recipes from Joy books. They are simple and easy to make. Joy, you are awesome and honest person who like to help and share people. I am proud to be part of your online community. Waiting for your new book launch ☺.

Deborah   •   February 4, 2019

I'm very grateful for all the knowledge that Joy shares with us. I have learned so much and applied what I have learned. I am seeing a significant difference in my over all digestion and well being. Thank you.

Karen Erickson   •   February 11, 2019

So excited when I received Joyous Detox in the mail. Love the book, Joys philosophy on eating and health and her nutritious recipes.

Kathy   •   February 12, 2019

Love how the information is presented amd delivered. Easy to access beautifully done. Grateful for all the information on living well - your best self. Thank

Lourdes B.   •   February 12, 2019

Because I took the Joyous Kitchen Challenge before I started the Detox, I think was easier to started the Detox, as your first book your recipes are very easy and with a lot of flavour. I enjoy the Detox, I will keep with the detox for another 10 days more. Thank you

Anna   •   February 19, 2019

Joyous detox is teaching me a lot. Looking forward to boosting my energy. Thank you Joy!

Kiren   •   February 19, 2019

I'm really happy with my joyous detox online purchase. I thought it was really nice to include the book in the cost of the purchase.

Karen   •   February 19, 2019

So far I am impressed with how Joy makes healthy eating so joyous! What a gorgeous book. Can't wait to explore more and share with my hubby! Thank you!

Gillian   •   March 28, 2019

I am really happy with the content of the online course and super excited that I got a REAL book as well!

Lisette Fournier   •   April 12, 2019

I just loved Joy's online detox program. The videos are very informative and motivating. The recipes are delicious and easy to make!!! Joy has inspired me to eat well and live a healthy life for many years! So happy there is a new book coming out soon!! Merci Joy!!!

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