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My Hair Care Routine from Start to Finish

Healthy hair is the result of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. As I talk about in my video, I used to have unhealthy, dry, thinning hair when I had hormonal imbalance.
Dec 19, 2018 | Joy McCarthy

This is by far the most requested blog and video I get asked to do - my hair-care routine. In the past I've talked about how to avoid the frizzieswhy stress is destroying your hair and how often you should wash your hair. In the Natural Hair Care Challenge I go into great depth about how to do a hair detox, hair nutrition, lifestyle habits and so much more. But in this video and post today, it's all about my hair-care routine from start to finish!

Before we get to it, please know that healthy hair is not the result of a magic pill or styling product.

Healthy hair is the result of good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. As I talk about in my video below, I used to have unhealthy, dry, thinning hair when I had hormonal imbalance. Now my hair is thick, healthy and shiny. I tell you this not to brag, but because I want you to know that you too, can have healthy hair. 


If you have hormonal imbalance, thyroid disorderadrenal fatigue or take medication that has thinning hair as a side effect, then it's best to talk to a natural health-care practitioner like a Certified Nutritionist or Naturopathic Doctor who can help you get to the root cause of your hair issues.

Okay let's talk about my haircare routine and I will provide all the links to products below!

This is what I use to wash and condition my hair 

The main ingredient in both my shampoo and conditioner is aloe, which is why it is so soothing and doesn't harm or dry out your hair because there are no harsh detergents or damaging chemicals. This product is a great choice if you're wanting to lower your toxic load while avoiding synthetic fragrance and synethic sulfates. This is the first natural shampoo I've ever used that gets my hair really clean and doesn't leave any buildup. 

This is what I use for dry shampoo

The longer you let the dry shampoo sit in your hair, the more effective it is. Not only is it an excellent de-greaser but it provides amazing volume too! It can be applied at any time, but even more so before bed, so it has time to absorb.

In the winter, to avoid the frizzies I use my Body Butter on the ends of my hair. I slather it all over my body after a shower and then once my hair is dry, I put it on the ends. I use this instead of serum because it's multi-purpose and works just as well!

As for my styling tools:

This is my hair dryer.

This is my flat iron.

I can't find a link for my curling wand. I actually bought it off my hairstylist and it's the IONX Professional, but I LOVE it!

Disclaimer: I'm not a hair styling guru or hairstylist (obviously) so I am simply sharing my hair-care routine (because you've asked). My focus as a holistic nutritionist is healthy hair from the inside out, which I teach you in my Natural Hair Care Challenge that starts every single Sunday! Plus, it's totally free! 


I hope you found this post helpful. If there is anything I missed, please post your question below.

Joy xo

Susan   •   December 21, 2018

Would your hair products work for curly hair?

Joy McCarthy   •   December 21, 2018

Angela   •   December 24, 2018

Loved the video! Don’t want to miss a video. Please put me on the notification list. Thanks. Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all the best in 2019!

Joy McCarthy   •   December 25, 2018

Ruby   •   January 9, 2019

When I was young in my 20s I never had birth control pills. After married at the age 24..I still had alot, and thick hair. Never took pills. Doctor showed me a BC pills and I knew immediately I refuse to take it. I am a natural and just use my concept. I hate dangerous BC because It can cause miscarriages and other side effects. After having fifth kids my hair began thinning and had small spot bald at the age 39. Wish I should take skin hair nails supplements at the age 25 is very important to prevent aging in the future. You have gorgeous natural hair!


Jay   •   January 21, 2019

What are your thoughts on the use of heat protectants prior to using heat tools (flat iron, etc)? Do you use them? I know they are generally very chemical-y, but heat tools also aren't good for hair health..

Joy McCarthy   •   January 21, 2019

Laur   •   January 25, 2019

Do you condition your hair from root to ends or from half way down to the ends? If you have thin hair is it recommended to put conditioner from roots or will that make hair limp?

Joy McCarthy   •   January 25, 2019

Carolin Miller   •   February 22, 2019

The thought of going gray makes me cringe. What would you suggest for a natural hair dye?

Joy McCarthy   •   February 22, 2019

Lisa   •   March 11, 2019

I really like your dry shampoo. I've been using it for a couple of years now. It's effective and makes my hair smell awesome! I've taken to adding a few drops of peppermint oil to it and the chocolate mint smell is good enough to eat! Thanks for the recipe. 😀

Joy McCarthy   •   March 12, 2019

Carmen Teresa   •   May 6, 2019

Excellent video. I have problem finding a good shampoo, but I'm going to try this. Than you for your advice.


Khloud   •   November 7, 2019

Hi, Do you have worldwide shipping? I would like to order the shampoo, the dry shampoo and the deodorant.

Joy McCarthy   •   November 7, 2019

Lindsay   •   February 19, 2020

Do you have recommendations for safe, non-toxic heat protecting products? I style my hair on occasion, not daily, so not sure if I need to use a heat protectant or not.

Joy McCarthy   •   February 19, 2020

Maria Newcomer   •   April 27, 2021

Joy, you have beautiful hair! One question though: when you do shampoo, do you lather once or twice? Also, how much conditioner do you use? You only apply the conditioner on the ends right? Thank you so much! Hope to hear from you!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 27, 2021

Maria T Newcomer   •   May 24, 2021

Joyous Health, I'd like to thank you for your videos on how to care for your hair and for your lavender and rosemary shampoo. I am 54 years old and for years I suffered from seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp. I was so frustrated, listened to all the advice, and tried to follow it but it didn't help and my scalp got worse. I thought there was no hope. Then one day I came across your videos and you mentioned brushing. I bought an all natural nylon bristle brush because I have very thick wavy hair like yours and started brushing it every day. I also bought your shampoo and conditioner and started using that and spacing out my shampoos. Guess what? My scalp has improved so much and getting better every day. I'm also working on improving my nutrition, eating more greens, ect. and that's helping too. It is such a relief to me that my scalp doesn't feel itchy, tight, or horrible anymore only hours after washing it. I can go for days now without my scalp bothering me and the little flakes that used to fall from my head after rubbing it sometimes are going away. Soon I intend to share my story on my new blog to help others with scalp issues. May I share links to your videos and the shampoo and conditioner? What a blessing you, your videos, and products have been to me! I am so happy and relieved that the constant itch, redness, and scalp sores are all disappearing and now if someone compliments me on my thick wavy salt and pepper hair, I no longer think to myself "Yeah but too bad my scalp is horrible!" and feel so discouraged. Thank you so much, Joy! You have no idea how much this means to me! I'm so overJOYed! Get it? 🙂 THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! ❤

Joy McCarthy   •   May 25, 2021

Sandra O.   •   July 29, 2021

Hi Joy, thanks for the hair tips. I've been using your shampoo/conditioner and dry shampoo for a couple of years and love the products. I was wondering if you mind sharing what hair brush you use? I have thick, naturally wavy, medium length hair. Sandi

Joy McCarthy   •   July 30, 2021

Sandra O.   •   July 30, 2021

Thank you Joy! I'll give it a try :)

Joy McCarthy   •   July 30, 2021

Maria Newcomer   •   August 9, 2021

Joy, I have a very sensitive, oily, but often itchy irritated scalp. Your shampoo works well for me my scalp and very thick wavy hair, but most conditioners do not work well for me. My hair is very coarse and tends to frizz. Many years ago I was diagnosed with seborrhea and folliculitis. I was told by my primary physician many years ago, not to use conditioner. Many years later, I still have folliculitis break outs especially in warm weather. I was wondering, do you know of any all natural rinses or conditioners I could make on my own? I'd love to hear. Thank you so much!! conditioner alternatives I could try? An all natural conditioner?

Joy McCarthy   •   August 10, 2021

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