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Bringing Joy To Your Health, Career and Relationships (The Fill Your Cup Podcast)

Walker and I talk about life as parents and entrepreneurs with Rachel, host of Fill Your Cup podcast. It was a nice change to chat about something other than nutrition or self-care.
Mar 11, 2019 | Joy McCarthy

Walker and I had so much fun doing this podcast with Rachel, our Community Lead at Joyous Health! It was a bit different than the usual podcast I'm interviewed for which is typically about nutrition, beauty or entrepreneurship. Her podcast is called Fill Your Cup and it was so refreshing to just talk about life, from parenting to how we nurture our relationship. We even had a surprise guest chime in, but you'll have to listen to find out who that is!

Fill your cup podcast with Joy McCarthy walking through garden

"Reishi" as Rachel is known in the office, was a great host and I think we could have chatted even longer! Here's the episode, I can't wait for you guys to hear this one and let me know what you think!

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The steps Joy took to improve her health, relationships and find a job that fulfills her (spoiler alert: she created it!)
  • Joy's definition of "balance"
  • Why striving for healthy eating 24/7 isn't realistic
  • How Joyous Health was born and how she got by in the early days
  • How to work with your significant other and maintain your personal relationship
  • Navigating parenthood and entrepreneurship simultaneously
  • What Joy and Walker had to sacrifice as a result of becoming parents
  • Joy's third book, The Joyous Cookbook (!!!!), and what to expect from it (and when)
  • Rapid fire with Joy and Walker:
    • Their favourite thing about working with each other
    • One thing the other person is really good at
    • One thing the other person does to make each other's day brighter
    • What they would be doing if Joyous Health didn't exist
    • Who's the boss?
Mar 11, 2019 BY Joy McCarthy
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