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Simple Relaxation Breathing Exercise

May 20, 2017 BY Joy McCarthy

This super simple breathing exercise will help you focus, relax and can even boost your energy. I first learned about it from Dr. Weil. I've been a fan of him for decades, ever since I saw him on Oprah in the early 90's.

This breathing exercise brings your whole attention to the breath and really helps to drown out the noise, that "noise" being your monkey brain. I like doing this at night before bed and find it very effective for those evenings when I'm feeling a little spun from having to work on my computer in the evening. As much as I try to avoid being on my laptop at night, sometimes it's a necessary evil. Balancing being an entrepreneur and a mama is a constant learning experience. Some weeks I feel like I'm winning and other weeks I just have to give in to the reality that I will need to work when Vienna goes to bed. So, this exercise is my go-to!

Breathing with conscious awareness is grounding and centering for the whole being. It has numerous research proven benefits, including:

  • Normalizes the stress response and helps to regulate your emotions
  • Reduces anxiety, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and ADD
  • Can lower heart rate and reduce blood pressure

I personally find it benefits me in many ways.

  • It helps me sleep, especially on evenings when I'm working or speaking at an event. 
  • Reduces stress from driving in Toronto traffic (If you drive in rush hour, I'm sure you can relate!)
  • Improves my digestion. While that may seem like a stretch, remember that when you are stressed your digestion shuts down. It's really important to take deep breaths when you're feeling stressed. 

When you think about breathing, you can better oxygenate your trillions of cells which helps boost your thinking power and your energy!

Here is the video of this breathing exercise. 

The nice thing is you can do this anytime you need it and literally anywhere! 

I also review this exercise along with more stress-reducing tips in my Eczema Healing Guide. Eczema is a condition where stress can both cause and make the condition worse. 

I hope you find this relaxation exercise useful. 

Have a joyous weekend!

May 20, 2017 BY Joy McCarthy
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