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The Complete Self-Care Guide for New Mamas


Whether you’ve gained 25lbs or 80lbs during your pregnancy, this program will help you get back to feeling your absolute best both inside and out; be it getting back into your pre-pregnancy jeans or reconnecting with your vibrant, energetic self! 

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Format: eBook

Pages: 65


As a new mama with new demands in your life (like your sweet little babe!), it's more important than ever to ensure you are getting the proper nourishment and replenishment you need so you can feel like your energetic self and enjoy those precious, fleeting moments with your child.

This guide is the most successful and enjoyable ways to lose the pregnancy weight-gain by shifting the focus from the scale to your health.

  • 20+ Delicious recipes to feel your best 
  • 7-Day nourishing meal plan
  • List of chemicals to avoid (and why)
  • Superfoods for new mamas 
  • Snack 101
  • Top foods to ditch from your kitchen
  • Healthy swap chart
  • ... and more, in your 60+ page eBook

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1 Reviews
Samantha   •   December 17, 2018

I purchased the New Mama ebook; would have loved to see a photo for all the recipes and perhaps a few step by step photos for others. I found the meatloaf a little challenging! Otherwise, lots of great ideas and tips that I have now incorporated into my daily routine. Thank you!

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