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8 Reviews
Angela   •   January 26, 2017

My first thought upon opening up the jar and catching that whiff of cocoa butter, “I’m going to be needing some more of this.” And it leaves my skin feeling amazing, too!

Erin   •   January 26, 2017

The smell is absolutely amazing (it smells good enough to ice a cake with!) and it leaves my skin so soft. My skin is super sensitive and I have reactions to most beauty products, but my skin loves this. Thank you so much for this product!!!

Natalie   •   January 26, 2017

This is the best body butter I have ever used! My husband ordered it for my birthday in December along with the dry skin brush which is also fantastic. The smell and consistency of this body butter are amazing. I used to exclusively use the Josie Maran body butter but now find myself always reaching for this one after a nice hot bath or shower at night, and I love that the ingredients are completely clean! Thank you so much for making this and I will be ordering more soon! :)

Darlene   •   January 26, 2017

I have been using the body butter for a couple of months now. When I got my jar and opened it…I wanted to eat it…that’s how good it smells. Also I thought,OH,my god this will not last long, for I have a lot of skin to cover. But, surprise, surprise, a little goes a long way and it has helped in making my skin soft and nourished. I definitely will be ordering more.
I also ordered the dry brush. This is a new concept for me, so I am easing myself into this new ritual. Upon waking, before I get dressed, I do, not even a 5 minute routine. Since I am semi-retired I do not shower every day,but I am making it a point to dry dry brush. I can see a definite benefit in my skin, how it has smoothed it and the body butter absorbs easier.
Love…Love… your website and the web-in-rrr’s have been very value able to me. Thanks JOYOUS

vanessa   •   January 26, 2017

I like the fact that this body butter is super moisturizing. Even though the jar is kind of small, a little goes a long way. However, I’m not crazy about the smell and it makes my chest get red and blotchy right after I apply it.

Kristin   •   January 26, 2017

This is a fantastic product. I am an acupuncturist and need to use alcohol swabs to sanitize my hands. While I appreciate the anti-bacterial benefits, the alcohol really dries out my skin. Joy’s Smooth Like Butta is one of my favourite products to help restore moisture to my skin. It is deeply moisturizing and smells delicious. :-)

tina   •   January 26, 2017

Not for me! I did not like the constancy

Sandy   •   January 26, 2017

Wondering if this product can be used on babies and children. My son has eczema and I’ve been trying EVERYTHING in the hopes that it’ll help soften his skin and ease his itch. I’m doing whatever I can to stay away from steroid cream!

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