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Joyous Health Business Program

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A 12-week program for wellness entrepreneurs to turn their passion into a thriving business.

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Format: 12-week Online Course
Includes: 60+ videos, workbooks + Live calls


With the strategies and lessons you'll learn in this online course, a dose of ambition and lot of hard work, you too can take your passion and turn it into a thriving business. These modules were designed to get you real-world ready – that means you’ll learn practical lessons that you can use right away, to get started today.

You will also get access to a private Facebook community where you can connect, collaborate and learn with a group of inspiring wellness entrepreneurs as you embark on your business building journey together.

Want to learn more about the Joyous Health Business Program?

  • A comprehensive 12-week online course to turn your passion into a thriving business
  • The information and tools you need to build the foundation of your business
  • 60+ Professional videos and educational handouts for each module
  • Weekly Facebook Lives from Joy, guest experts and the Joyous Health Team
  • Access to a supportive, like-minded online community + networking opportunities
  • Key insights and trade secrets from successful wellness entrepreneurs
  • Practical assignments to apply your learning to real-world scenarios
  • Joyous Health Business, Certificate of Completion
  • And more!

"Since starting the program, I have hit the following milestones: Secured my first client, completed my first workshop, and launched my website, moved to part time at my corporate gig, booked a series of workshps ... big things, folks!" - Britt G., JHB Grad

"I have made more strides in the last 6 weeks than I have in the past 2 years. I have taken several business courses, both paid and freebies. I don't know that I have ever been so engaged in any other programs I have taken." - Brittany A., JHB Grad

"Taking the Joyous Health Business program was one of the best decisions I ever made regarding my business. From operations to marketing, I feel so much more confident and knowledgeable about what it takes for my business to grow and thrive." - Sarah S., JHB Grad

8 Reviews
Amanda   •   November 15, 2017

If you're looking for a place to feel inspired, learn a ton of great business strategies, and get your questions answered by the best-of-the-best, then you definitely don't want to miss out on your opportunity to join JHB 2018. I loved taking this program with Joy, Walker and Rachel, and can't say enough about the information I gained from taking this program!

Michelle B.   •   November 15, 2017

To the Joyous Health team: THANK YOU for having me as part of this informative, dynamic program! It was so interactive and really helped me to take ACTION in the places of my business that needed it most!
Wellness entrepreneurs: Do yourself a favour and invest in the Joyous Health Business program! It will change your business in ways you can't imagine and put things into perspective so you are able to create true growth. This program is personal development at it's finest, and the team is supportive and interactive every step of the way. You won't want to miss this!

Melanie R.   •   November 17, 2017

This program has been invaluable to me. It inspired me to start to really take my business seriously. As a stay at home mom of two, I have still managed to implement many of the things that I have learned so far and have already seen success.
The JHB team breaks things down in a way that is easy to understand and take action with. Not only that, they are active and engaged on the facebook page to answer any and all questions you may have as you go along. If you are on the fence about taking it, just do it!! You won't regret it!

Jill P.   •   February 7, 2018

Taking the Joyous Health Business Program was one of the best decisions I could have made. The modules and homework really helped me crystallize my focus, my target market, and where I want my business to go in 2018 and beyond. Joy, Walker and their lineup of amazing guests gave an incredible insider view of the holistic health industry. This course helped get fired up, form a plan for my business, and take some big action steps that I probably never would have taken without the encouragement of the JHB team and participants. Since finishing the course I have presented a workshop, with another 4 lined up, and pitched and agreed to partnerships with several local businesses. A HUGE thank you also to the hugely inspiring and supportive co-participants!

Karen Porter   •   February 12, 2018

I can’t thank Joy and the JHB team enough for their awesome program! They were such an amazing resource group – Joy, Walker, Rachel and Lady Dano! There was so much information packed into the videos, interviews, and homework questions! It was obvious that there was a lot of time and effort put into creating this program and its value well exceeds the cost of the program! The program delivery was also very enjoyable. The fact that we continue to have access to the material is terrific! I continue to get more out of it each time I refer back to a video or my notes. There is also a Facebook live every week where participants can ask questions or discuss situations. The enthusiastic group of participants in the JHB program made it great as well. If I missed a Facebook Live session, I could (and did!) go back to listen to it to get inspiration from the team or participants, as well as even more information.
Since taking the course, here are some of the things I have done:
-I got a clearer understanding of what I wanted and where I wanted to go
-I’ve set up more of the “back-end” of my business – accounting, etc.
-though I already had my website up and running prior to the course, I made many changes to it
-I got comfortable with a new recipe plug-in, and set up a blog that I’ve been posting content and recipes on
-I expanded the events page on my website and added the ability to register for my classes and accept payments online– adding to my professionalism
-I became much more comfortable with social media and now post daily (for the most part!)
-I set up a contest on social media to add to my followers
-I had wanted to do host a retreat before, but I got ideas and help with setting up my first one, along with ideas on advertising and promoting it
-I had been holding cooking classes and workshops, but the retreat was a much bigger undertaking and bigger ticket item, and I’ve been able to go into it with confidence
-My retreat is almost fully booked!
-I’m in the process now of creating a landing page and starting an e-book
-I plan to continue my course offerings, and soon develop an online course!
I’m so excited about the direction I’m going! Thanks so much JHB!!

Valene   •   April 15, 2019

I really enjoyed the Joyous Health Business program and love that I can reference the material whenever I need it.

Miranda   •   April 15, 2019

I absolutely loved the JHB program!

Alison   •   April 25, 2019

Joyous health has made a big difference to my health and my business!

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