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Joy McCarthy is the inspiring certified holistic nutritionist (CNP, RNCP) and founder of Joyous Health. Bestselling author of "JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting", she is also a faculty member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, an international speaker and regularly contributes her health expertise to many North American publications, television and radio shows. Her journey to health began...

Discover your joyous health with one-on-one nutrition consulting services.


Joyous Health is an all-encompasing approach to helping you reach your wellness goals. It's not about quick fixes or fad diets. It's about long-term sustainable change.

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Free Webinar: Gut Health = A Healthy, Vibrant Body & Mind with GoodnessMe

Thursday, November 19th 2015
Time: 12:30am to 1:30am

Your gut health impacts your brain health, immune system, skin and even your body fat composition. Therefore it’s not surprising that good digestion is the foundation of great health. Many people rely on prescription drugs when fortunately there are several natural solutions with no side eff... Read more

Joyous Workshop @ Toronto Yoga Mama's

Tuesday, November 17th 2015
Time: 12:30am to 2:00am

Join Holistic Nutritionist, bestselling author {and new mama} Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health as she shares her top tips for increasing your energy, feeling and looking your best in a 30 minute talk. Being a new mama herself and a member of Toronto Yoga Mamas, Joy will be catering her holistic nutrition talk to the pr... Read more


Lady Part Love: Post Labour Recovery Remedies

When I first became pregnant with Vienna I read as much as I possibly could about having a healthy pregnancy. Then in my third trimester I was very focused on...

Oct, 5 2015 by Joy McCarthy


Baby, Healing,

Label Reading: 5 Sneaky Ingredients to Avoid

I've been hearing some great feedback from readers on the Go Green 21-day Challenge including increased energy, better digestion and everyone loves checking their pH! It's not too late to...

Sep, 29 2015 by Joy McCarthy



Guest Post: Five Tips for an Empowered Day

Back-to-school time is here and even though I am no longer a student, I always find myself nostalgically seeing September as the start of a new chapter. It’s that magical...

Sep, 24 2015 by Katie Zeppieri


Inspiration, Wellness


No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

When I made this pie I was just getting over food poisoning (ugggh, super inconvenient when I'm just trying to figure out how to be a mama!), but yet I...

Oct, 8 2015 by Joy McCarthy


Dairy Free, Desserts,

Healthy Snacks for Kids

It's hard to believe that it's already October! The school year is back in full swing and finding creative lunches to pack for your kids is getting harder. In our...

Oct, 3 2015 by Du La

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Chickpea Savoury Pancake

With the recent arrival of Baby V, it's been a little busier than normal around here. Joy, Vienna and myself are still getting used to everything, so it goes without saying...

Sep, 21 2015 by Walker Jordan


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Joyous Health is an all-encompassing approach to helping you reach you wellness goals. It's not about quick fixes or fad diets - it's about long-term sustainable change.


Joyous programs help you learn, detox and feel fabulous with custom meal plans, DIY recipes and instructions, and support from the Joyous Community.



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