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Joy McCarthy is the inspiring certified holistic nutritionist (CNP, RNCP) and founder of Joyous Health. Bestselling author of "JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting", she is also a faculty member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, an international speaker and regularly contributes her health expertise to many North American publications, television and radio shows. Her journey to health began...

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Joyous Health is an all-encompasing approach to helping you reach your wellness goals. It's not about quick fixes or fad diets. It's about long-term sustainable change.

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Joy @ CanFitPro: Superfoods for Super Beauty

Saturday, August 13th 2016
Time: 8:00pm to 8:55pm

Many people spend hundreds of dollars every year on cosmetics and potions with expensive ingredients unaware that many of these key ingredients naturally occur in superfoods. Joy will share many delicious ways to nourish the body while enhancing your natural beauty from within. Read more

Joy @ CanFitPro: A Healthy Gut is Essential for a Vibrant Body and Mind

Friday, August 12th 2016
Time: 6:00pm to 6:55pm

Holistic nutritionist and best-selling author, Joy McCarthy, will discuss how your microbiome (the living organisms within your body and mainly your gut) have a powerful influence over your brain health (mood), immune system, skin and even your body fat composition. Learn the 5 "R's" of digestive health to repair an... Read more


Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Walker and I have been on vacation visiting my father-in-law Axel for the past couple of weeks in Wörthersee, Austria, where he lives. You may have heard of Wörthersee before...

Jul, 28 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Video, Wellness

The Joyous Fitbit Challenge

By now I'm sure you've heard of them. They go by many names: fitness tracker, Fitbit, wearables, pedometer, Apple Watch, and can range in price from a few dollars to...

Jul, 27 2016 by Walker Jordan


Fitness, Inspiration

Top Foods to Reduce Pain Naturally

The word "inflammation" comes from the Latin inflammo, meaning "I set alight," or "I ignite." And if you've ever experienced the redness and burning sensations that go with inflammation (and...

Jul, 21 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Healing, Video,


Guest Post: Kale Crunch Salad

Kale Crunch Salad is one of my one of my most addictive salad recipes. I think it’s because the toasted, crispy chickpeas gives you the crunchy texture that our bodies...

Jul, 23 2016 by Jesse Lane Lee


Dairy Free, Gluten Free,

4 Delicious Dips for Summer

Summer is the season of impromptu picnics, dinners on patios and all sorts of other outdoor eating occasions! Dips are the perfect thing to take to these al fresco eating...

Jul, 19 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Dairy Free, Gluten Free,

How to Sprout in 3 Easy Steps

I've been sprouting beans on and off for several years. I love the crunchiness of sprouts and the health benefits are pretty impressive. Plus it's rewarding when you eat your...

Jul, 14 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Dairy Free, Detox Recipe,

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Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling



Joyous Health is an all-encompassing approach to helping you reach you wellness goals. It's not about quick fixes or fad diets - it's about long-term sustainable change.


Joyous programs help you learn, detox and feel fabulous with custom meal plans, DIY recipes and instructions, and support from the Joyous Community.

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