Why Detox? Top 5 Foods to Eliminate & Simple Detox Tips


The answer is a simple yes, detoxing is absolutely necessary for your best health – balanced energy, glowing skin, healthy sex drive, good sleep, weight loss and more. Now more than ever, we are exposed to toxins from the lotions we put on our skin every day, the toothpaste we brush with, the air that we breathe, additives and preservatives in our food supply, pesticides, plastics, and negative thoughts – yes, stress promotes a toxic and acidic body.

It has been estimated that in the last 75 years alone, over 100,000 chemicals have been developed, thanks (well not really) to the big contributors – large corporations. In fact, new chemicals are being developed every single day. According to the Environmental Working Group,  by the time the average woman is ready to leave the house in the morning, she has exposed herself to 126 chemical toxins from shampoo, body wash, lotion, cosmetics and the worst offender of all, fragrance. Then what happens? She goes to Starbucks for her liver congesting toxic soup coffee, slathers on some antibacterial wash on her hands when she sits down at her desk breathing in the off-gassing from the carpet and paint, to stare at her computer stressed out all day. Oh dear, I feel stressed just writing that! Do you see my point? Even in a perfect world, if you ate like a Holistic Nutritionist, you would still need to detox because you simply cannot avoid everything.

I do many seminars on the power of detoxifying and my tips do not involve gimmicks like starving yourself for 9 days or sweating naked on a rock in the middle of a desert somewhere in New Mexico, while spending thousands of dollars on a fancy spa. The good news is that detoxifying everyday is super easy, affordable and I’m going to give you my top tips right here!

Eliminate the BIG FIVE for 1-3 weeks:

  1. Dairy (same goes with soy, actually never eat soy ever again!)
  2. Caffeine: Green Juice Instead of Coffee
  3. Alcohol: This is a no-brainer
  4. Wheat products: Guide to Gluten-Free Eating
  5. Sugar: Reasons to Kick Your Sugar Habit

Detoxing is a wonderful way to affirm a new way of being, a fresh start to a new YOU. You are not committing to never drink red wine again, you are simply taking a break to evaluate how you feel. I’ve never had a client do a detox and regret it. In fact, most people tell me it changed their life, for the better.

5 Simple Ways to Detoxify Everyday

  1. Skin brushing – you may have seen my video on this, if not, check it!
  2. Drinking lemon and water every morning on an empty stomach: Video
  3. Eat more detoxifying foods: broccoli, kale, beets, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, red cabbage, arugula, lemon, herbal teas
  4. Spend more time outdoors in nature. This just makes sense. Nature is good for your soul and what is good for your soul is amazing for your body. Breath deeply and take time out to enjoy life. Even just 15 minutes every day.
  5. Do a friend-detox and remove yourself from people situations who are toxic and negative. Who You Spend Time with is Who You Become. 

Joy McCarthy

Joy McCarthy is the vibrant Holistic Nutritionist behind Joyous Health. Author of JOYOUS HEALTH: Eat & Live Well without Dieting, professional speaker, nutrition expert on Global’s Morning Show, Faculty Member at Institute of Holistic Nutrition and co-creator of Eat Well Feel Well. Read more...

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  • Just had a quick question – why is everything that I pick up at the (healthy) grocery store contain Soy? Is this even needed, or is it just something “they” put in, as filler, maybe?

    • It’s just a filler, just like corn, wheat, dairy (ie. powdered milk products) etc. Good on you for reading your labels! Love to hear that.

  • Great tips!! I know I feel fabulous when I follow the cleanse. I miss my treats a bit but it’s totally worth it because I learn to incorporate new foods into my daily routine. I need to give skin brushing a try!

  • Hi Joy…love your blog. You piqued my interest with the idea that you can tailor a detox for someone who’s been on the pill for years…I need this! Try 18 YEARS! Can you suggest what to do? Thanks! :)

  • Hi Joy! Love your blog! You’ve piqued my interest with your comment on tailoring a detox for someone who’s been on the pill for a long time…try 18 years!! I need this! Can you suggest what I should do? Thanks a mill :)

  • Very interesting about the birth control pill detox need… now I’m scared, haha :-D You know how my mind operates though, Joy, so hopefully we can revisit that issue during our upcoming session.

  • This is a great post. the more the word is let out there the more people will be informed and we all live healthy lives. I agree with you on eating more detoxifying foods which is easy and within reach for most of us.

    thanks for sharing with us.

  • On CP24 you mentioned a product for stress and anxiety. December show. Can you please tell me the name? You said you just put a drop on your tongue.

  • Hi Joy. I was curious about detoxing because my 40 year old body is out of whack. I read about soy and that may be why I’m so off. Now I’m really concerned about my young daughters who eat a great deal of processed soy-I don’t want to mess them up. Clearly, I need to make some changes for all of us. Ideas??