Chocolate Chia Mousse

Dec, 3 2016 by Joy McCarthy

I hope you've tried some of my favourite holiday cookies in my recent post! I attended the Chatelaine Cookie Exchange where I brought my Chocolate Chip Tahini cookies - they were a hit. So the holiday theme continues because it's only December 3rd. [boxopen]This recipe for Chocolate Chia Mousse is from my new book Joyous Detox -- which you can preorder now! [boxclose] It is absolutely perfect if you want a healthier holiday dessert!  This recipe is on page 252 but I've got a video for you to watch too. [yumprint-recipe id='222']There you have it! My chocolate chia mousse -- the perfect... Read more

Fruit and Nut Thins-06611

Holiday Cookies! Fruit and Nut Thins

This year, Chatelaine magazine launched a Holiday Cookie Exchange with a few foodie-obsessed friends like me. I shared a recipe for my Chocolate Chip Tahini cookie, which is a joyous-reader fave!...

Nov, 27 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Dairy Free, Desserts

Blueberry Bliss Balls

Berry Green Bites

We have just come back from our trip out west and I've been dying to get in the kitchen and create some snacks for The McJordans (Walker, Vienna and I)....

Sep, 13 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Breakfast, Desserts

Apricot Squares

Apricot Tahini Squares

I felt very honoured to open up the November issue of Alive magazine and flip to page 138 and see four of my recipes from Joyous Health. Once the excitement...

Nov, 7 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Dairy Free, Desserts

Quinoa Brownie Cups-batch

Gluten-free Chocolate Quinoa Cupcakes

Baby Vienna is turning one year old next week and I'm probably even more excited than she is! Actually, I'm quite sure I'm more excited than she is. I've been...

Sep, 3 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Dairy Free, Desserts

Coconut Banana Spice Muffin-05948

Coconut Flour Banana Spice Muffins

Walker and I had our first overnight trip without Vienna in Chicago earlier this week. Vienna has traveled with us on every trip so far, but this business trip would...

Sep, 30 2016 by Joy McCarthy


Breakfast, Dairy Free

Watermelon Pizza

Watermelon Pizza Two Ways

After I posted my super trendy Sweet Potato Toasties, I had to jump on the watermelon pizza bandwagon. It is the perfect summer treat, even if September is just around the bend....

Aug, 29 2016 by Joy McCarthy


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