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Oct 26, 2009 BY Joy McCarthy

Make an Informed Decision About the Vaccine.

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There is much debate and controversy going on right now about the swine flu vaccine, which I'm sure you've heard all about in the media. While it is extremely tragic what has transpired in the last few days with the death of that young boy, a Doctor on CBC advised that it was a "medical lightening bolt" and extremely rare. The reason I share this with you, is that these stories are very frightening both for ourselves and for our families and friends. It is no wonder people are unsure what they should do with regards to getting the vaccine. If you read my blog or have spoken to me in person, you will know that I do not recommend the vaccine for various reasons.

I remember back in high school when the "JUST SAY NO" to drugs campaign was in full force. My following post has the same theme.

It seems that you can't turn the news on these days without Health Canada advising you to take the swine flu vaccine.

I encourage you to read this article from Dr. Rona, an MD in Toronto and a trusted source of information.

As well, Dr. Dempster is a Naturopathic Doctor here in Toronto and he was on CHFI radio speaking out about the swine flu and provided some valuable insights.

I am going to shift the focus of my post now and talk about the benefits of probiotics. One of my very first posts I wrote for Joyous Health was on the subject of probiotics. Never before has it been so important to take supplemental probiotics to increase your immune system.

Research shows that a good balance of friendly bacteria in our bodies helps to reduce disease (even some types of cancer), maintain a healthy digestive tract, build a strong immune system, may even aid in weight loss and of course, kill the bad bacteria like Salmonella and Clostridium. Your gut is a bacteria zoo! Here are some tongue twisters to remember: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium bifidum and others – these are your friendly bacteria! You can find them in a good quality probiotic supplement, yogurt, milk, kefir, sour cream and fermented foods. My favourite brand of probiotics is strictly regulated to ensure quality - HMF Forte by Genestra. You can get this at your friendly health food store or from me :)

Remember this when you are deciding whether or not to get the vaccine: The way to avoid getting the flu is to prevent it! Boost your immune system! I have written a few posts over the last few months leading up to the big vaccine campaign, so I hope you've had a moment to read them and if you haven't, here they are again:




Oct 26, 2009 BY Joy McCarthy
  •   October 26, 2009

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