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Our Joyous Team

Joy McCarthy

The Joy behind Joyous Health / Holistic Nutritionist

Joyous Health started back in 2009 with one person: me! My goal was to inspire others to live healthier and happier by blogging about my own personal health journey. Since then, Joyous Health has grown into so much more and that growth wouldn't have been possible without my team. They are a smart, healthy, forward-thinking bunch and yes, they are all quite joyous!

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Walker Jordan

Director / Operations & Possibilities

Walker joined Joyous Health in 2013 to oversee growth and strategy, new business development and day-to-day operations. We like to call him our Director of Possibilities because if it's possible, he'll get it done! Walker knows the ins and outs of running a successful business and is the most organized and detail-oriented person we know. His role at Joyous Health is the perfect culmination of his formal education in Kinesiology, his passion for healthy living and entrepreneurial spirit. Since joining Joyous Health, and in collaboration with the rest of the team, Walker has implemented new strategic and revenue opportunities, streamlined operations and helped to set a strong foundation for future growth. Walker has a love for shiny, fast cars; can make brussels sprouts taste like heaven; and is also hubs to Joy and dad to Vienna.

Carol Dano

Creative Director

Carol (aka our Chief Prettiness Officer) makes Joyous Health look, well, joyous! She has a strong passion for typography, grids and colour. Carol has found happiness in food styling, where she gets to channel her inner perfectionist in a new medium, much to the amusement of Walker. Her favourite letter is the lowercase g and favourite colour is a mix between mint and turquoise. When she’s not designing, she’s moonlighting as a baker and collecting props. She is the proud owner of 26 cake stands. For more information about Carol, follow her Instagram at @typeandcolour or visit her website at www.typeandcolour.ca.

Rachel Molenda

Community Manager

Rachel is a Toronto-based Holistic Nutritionist, Community Manager at Joyous Health and a lover of whole nutritious foods! When she's not thinking up nerdy nutrition tweets, she's whipping up a new recipe, snuggling her cat, or being the amateur CrossFitter she is. Rachel specializes in helping women heal from emotional and disordered eating, ultimately helping them to establish a healthier relationship with food and their body. To stay up to date on Rachel's happenings, visit her online at rachelmmolenda.com

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