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Joyous Tip: Simple Change #1

Do you find that you get overwhelmed with all the health information available to you? You are not alone. We are bombarded with information from the newspap
Oct 29, 2009 | Joy McCarthy

Do you find that you get overwhelmed with all the health information available to you? You are not alone. We are bombarded with information from the newspapers, tv, our friends, experts and our neighbours. I'm going to keep it easy for you because there are very simple things you can do each day to improve your overall health and well-being. This is all about baby steps. Don't feel guilty for a weekend of poor eating and overindulging. Get on track today and incorporate one tip into your day. It's not hard to make one change and you will be joyous you did it!

Switch Your Peanut Butter to ALMOND BUTTER today.

Dr. Natasha Turner advises in her book "The Hormone Diet" that peanuts are very acidic and inflammatory. She's right, and the more acidic foods you eat like refined carbs, sugar, alcohol, red meat, the more you crave it and the more acidic you will become.

Peanuts are frequently contaminated in aflatoxin, a poison produced by a fungus called Aspergillus flavus.

One of the most contaminated crops by pesticides, so be sure to purchase organic if you do eat peanut butter from time to time.

Very high ratio of omega 6:3, for optimal health you want more omega 3's in your diet

Peanut butter and jam is totally my number one comfort food, but it's all about moderation. If you eat peanut butter everyday, buy a jar of almond butter (or pumpkin seed, sunflower seed) and try it out!

BONUS TIP: Weening yourself off peanut butter can be hard especially if you are used to using hydrogenated peanut butter because the second ingredient is almost always sugar. Add a little bit of honey on top of your nut butter until you get used to the new flavour.

Or better yet, make your own almond butter. Here's a fantastic joyous recipe:

Be well and joyous,


ps. I am starting a FRESH new category for my blog today, called "joyous tip". About once a week I will add a tip that promises to bring joy to your life and improve your health.

Oct 29, 2009 BY Joy McCarthy
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Pete Cassidy   •   February 28, 2014

Thanks for this, Joy. I found your Joyous source of nutritional suggestions when looking to reduce the heartburn I get. In addition to this, you have given me ideas on improving the way I feel. The way you present the information is easy to digest; in small bites, and your positivity is infectious.


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