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12 Hormone Altering Chemicals

—  found in  Beauty  —

Hello joyous readers!

"Endocrine disrupters", heard this before? These are chemicals that do a great job at messing up your hormones by increasing levels, decreasing others, pretending to act like hormones but in disguise and interfering with hormone signalling, those jerks!

And there's more to the story than that.

These chemicals can induce your cells to die, lower your man's sperm count, lower your IQ, cause birth defects, diabetes, obesity, thyroid problems, early puberty, breast cancer (and other cancers), heart disease and compromise your immune system. I could continue, but I will stop there because you can read more in the link to the booklet below.

You will find them lurking everywhere unfortunately. From your canned tomato paste to your "spring fresh" deodorant to your beautiful kale. Even if you are focusing on buying the [downloadlink file=""]Dirty Dozen foods organic[/downloadlink] and you follow [mention link= title=I have literally hundreds of delicious and nutritious recipes to get you started. ]

If you feel like your body is in need of a tune-up detox, then come and see me either in person or Skype.

Have a joyous day!


Sally   •   October 30, 2013

Sales receipts have BPA? Really? Wow!


Jenn   •   November 4, 2013

Yeah, I knew about many of these but the bpa in the sales receipts is surprising.


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