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Apr 20, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy

Healthy Breakfast Guide

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We've been working hard over here at joyous health creating this beautiful, nourishing and delicious healthy breakfast guide just for you! Walker shot all the photos and I did my best to "beautify" them despite my amateur food stylin' skills.

Breakfast truly sets the stage for the day and Walker and I always make it a priority. This means each week when we grocery shop, we keep in mind what we want to have for breakfast for the week. I suggest grocery shopping on a weekly basis to ensure you are always well stocked with items to make a nourishing meal.

So... if you want to feel more vibrant, improve your overall health and look your best? Then always start your day with a nourishing meal.

If you are already subscribed to my Dose of Joy newsletter you'll be receiving this yummy guide in the next newsletter as a downloadable PDF -- it's yours to keep! If you're not subscribed, you can subscribe to my newsletter here. Our newsletter goes out 3-4 times per month with the latest and greatest tips from videos, to articles and of course new recipes!

And yes, it's FREE!

All the recipes are dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian. Additionally, they can easily be made nut-free by making simple substitutions.

Sunflower Seed Butter Chocolate Chip Toast

Triple Berry Coconut Power Smoothie

Mason Jar Superfood Granola with Chia Applesauce

Detox Smoothie

Eggy Avo Tartine

Green Tea Matcha Smoothie

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

One of the fun aspects of shooting all this delicious food was we had plenty of leftovers for snacks and treats. Stay tuned because in September we will release the 14 day Healthy Breakfast Guide to complete your 21 days of delicious and nourishing breakfast ideas that will change your life!

We hope you love it - have a joyous day!


Apr 20, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy
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