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Video: Four Resources for a Natural Pregnancy and Beyond

Hi joyous readers,If you're pregnant, congratulations!!! Such an exciting time. :)Due to popular request, I've posted a video on some resources that I reall
May 2, 2015 | Joy McCarthy

Hi joyous readers,

If you're reading this and you're pregnant, CONGRATULATIONS! What an exciting time. :)

Due to popular request, I've posted a video on some resources that I really valued before getting pregnant and now that I'm a mama-to-be I'm enjoying them even more. These books helped me feel really well informed about having a natural pregnancy and that I have a lot of choices in how I want my pregnancy and birthing experience to go, along with my hubs Walker of course. I think many women simply do not realize how many choices they do in fact have.

Of course it's important to listen to the advice we are given to by medical experts, but one thing I've noticed is that in pregnancy sometimes we forget that we are in charge and responsible for our bodies. We somehow forget to trust that innate wisdom that is always there if we wish to tune in and listen. If we are given advice that doesn't sit well with us, it's in our right to ask questions, to probe and to do more research instead of accepting what we've been told.

Before I share this video, I want to share an important truth I've come to realize as a mama-to-be...

We are more than just a vessel in which this beautiful human being is developing. We are so incredibly intimately connected to this experience, if we choose to be. Every thought and experience you have, your baby also experiences -- while your baby is in your womb, you are one!

Be sure to send loving, nuturing, positive thoughts to your sweet baby every single day -- she/he is listening! Those feel good hormones will make her soul smile. Check out Bruce Lipton's work, if what I'm talking about sounds very new to you. The Biology of Belief is a wonderful book. We are our thoughts, we create our destiny and the happiness of our existence.


Now on to my video...In this video I share three books and one magazine that I subscribe to. I will post all the links below after the video.

Here are the four resources I mention in my video:

Do you have any favourite resources? Please feel free to share below!

Have a joyous day!



May 2, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy
Noelle   •   May 3, 2015

Thanks for this post Joy! We're also expecting our first baby in the fall so love hearing of new and helpful resources.


cuz Amy   •   May 5, 2015

hi bella! loved that you included Sprout Right - it is an awesome resource that we have referred to many times in both pregnancy and with babes -when -eating and her philosophies on food introduction (eg veggies before grains) has served our boys well. That said, we also use this book in combination with low-allergenic food introduction charts provided by our naturopath. What a great time in your pregnancy to read and "prepare" for your sweetie, hope all is going well xo


Melanie   •   May 5, 2015

I wish I new of these books before now. I'm nearly 30 weeks and my healthy eating took such a nose dive as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I can't even look at anything green now without turning my nose up at it. I feel like CRAP. :(


Cristina   •   August 3, 2015

Thanks for this book recommendations Joy! I want to ask you something... what do you think about decorating the room for the baby? Is it needed?


Deirdre   •   August 20, 2015

Hi Joy! Do you have any thoughts/recommendations on laundry detergent to use on baby clothes/diapers? Hoping you already have something in mind - I'd be happy to follow your recommendation! :) Baby due a month after yours :)

Joy McCarthy   •   August 22, 2015

Meiko   •   November 8, 2015

Hello Joy, Hope you and your family are well! I just wanted to know if you took any prenatal multivitamin/mineral supplements when you were pregnant? If so, which one? Thanks so much for your thoughts on this. Take care, Meiko

Kate McDonald Walker   •   November 9, 2015

Lauren   •   February 11, 2016

Hello Joy, thank you for sharing these resources! I wanted to ask, did Walker read any specific "daddy" books during your pregnancy? My husband is looking for some resources. Thank you!


Adrienne A.   •   September 9, 2017

Hello! I'm expecting a baby any day now and am going back and forth between the value of using compostable diapers vs. cloth diapers. I live in Toronto and while the city says that they compost diapers, the plastic in a diaper will still end up in the landfill. Can you make any recommendations? What did you use? Thank you!


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