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Dry Skin Brushing for Glowing Skin & Immunity

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Your body detoxifies constantly by way of organs, glands and transportation systems, including the gut, kidneys, liver, lungs, lymphatic system, and mucous membranes. But guess which one is by far the largest? Your skin! In fact, your skin rids nearly 1/4 of your toxins every day (and yes, it's an organ). However, if you are slathering on toxic moisturizer,not skin brushing and exfoliating then you are missing out on an amazing and invigorating way to detoxify! One of my favourit ways to do (which I do almost daily) is dry skin brushing!

What is a Dry Brush? Where can I find one?

A dry brush is a brush made of dense stiff bristles. Make sure you purchase a brush made of natural fibers, not plastic or synthetic! Most health food stores will have dry skin brushes. Just make sure you purchase a brush that has bristles strong enough so that it feels comfortably uncomfortable. Meaning, not too soft, but doesn't scratch your skin either - somewhere in between. We carry the one I use and love in the joyous shop! Check out the dry skin brushes in the JOYOUS SHOP!

There are many reported benefits of skin brushing, including the following:

1. Skin detox

Sloughing off dead skin cells rejuvenates the skin and allows toxins to move out of the body.

2. Cleanse the lymphatic system

Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system connected to your immune system

The Lymphatic System is a network of vessels that transport metabolic waste and important molecules to be cleansed by the lymphatic organs (spleen, thymus gland, lymph nodes, liver and tonsils.) These important molecules include: fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K, foreign particles and microorganisms. If the lymph system is not flowing properly then the immune system does not get a chance to kill invading foreign particles and microorganisms. This includes cancerous cells. Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system.

Did you know you have more lymph fluid in your body then you do blood? That's right, but your lymph fluid doesn't have a pump how your blood does. As long as the heart keeps pumping, the blood moves around and we stay alive. Since the lymphatic system does not have a pump it relies on muscle contraction (exercise), jumping (trampolines are a great way to stimulate), yoga and of course a great compliment to daily exercise is a regular dry brush before you shower to keep the lymph system flowing, stimulated and invigorated!

3. Get your glow-on!

Removing dead skin layers softens rough patches so your beautiful fresh skin can shine on through!

4. Helps to reduce cellulite and prevent it

Toxins are stored in fat and when we dry brush, it helps to eliminate toxins. Dry brushing = potential cellulite reduction!

5. Soft skin

When we dry skin brush, it clears the oil, dirt and residue from our pores. It's also going to stimulate the hormone and oil producing glands, giving us soft soothing skin!

6. Stimulates circulation

Unlike our circulatory system, our lymphatic system doesn't have a pump. However, when we dry skin brush, it acts like a manual pump which increases blood flow to aid in healing and carry nutrients throughout the body.

7. It's incredibly invigorating!

I would recommend dry skin brushing in the morning before you shower versus at night because it can actually be very stimulating! This is because it increases blood flow (much like exercise does) which is naturally going to give us a joyous boost of energy!

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Go get dry skin brushing and let me know how fabulous you feel!

Vivian   •   June 16, 2010

Thanks, I got a brush a while ago but I don't dry brush as much as I should! Does it matter what time of day? I'm an evening showerer.

joyousness   •   June 16, 2010

Dorothy   •   June 16, 2010

Excellent info. I have been meaning to buy a brush to use, but haven't so far. Hopefully your article will get me going to the health food store and get one!!


Heidi   •   June 16, 2010

Cool! I`m going to look for one of those. I bet it feels great :)


Danielle @ Body By Nature   •   June 16, 2010

Great post! I swear by dry brushing (and I haven't been sick since I started it!)


Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen)   •   June 16, 2010

I needed the reminder!

joyousness   •   June 16, 2010

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squalene oil   •   July 7, 2010

I have learned this dry brushing from my grandma when I was little. (I was living in Japan.) I completely forgot about it. I enjoyed the video. Thanks!


Allison   •   July 12, 2010

Wow great video Joy! I`m going to get one and try it out!! :)


Purple Herbal   •   August 1, 2010

Dry skin brushing has been a part of my daily routine for 2 years now, and I always feel healthier and cleaner after doing it. I am rarely sick, but always thought it was due to the fact that I use a sauna every other day. I'll have to start giving my daily skin brushing a little more credit now! Thanks for the great information in this post!


Rawan   •   October 6, 2010

why cant i use a brush made out of plastic ?? is there any obvious harm behind it?

joyousness   •   October 6, 2010

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Sandy   •   October 28, 2010

I have a natural dry skin brush but I haven't used it because it seems to scratch my dry skin. Is this normal and do you get used to it or does it improve?

joyousness   •   October 29, 2010

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Mike   •   February 8, 2011

Dry skin brushing works great. I have been doing it for a few years. I even got my sister into it. Many people don't believe when I tell them the benefits.


Misty   •   March 9, 2011

I was wondering about dry brushing your back? In what direction should you go?

Joy McCarthy   •   March 9, 2011

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Anna   •   October 30, 2011

Hi, It was useful to have a video on dry brushing rather than reading about it. Do you have a video on dry brushing your face? I've heard that this is a great way to keep your face and skin young looking. thanks! Anna

Joy McCarthy   •   October 31, 2011

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papaya   •   March 7, 2012

Hi Joy! Can you recommend a natural product (or handmade concoction) for severely dry, chapped hands and cuticles due to the winter months? Much appreciated!! :)


Bernadette   •   April 9, 2012

Hi Joy, I just started dry body brushing and I have been doing it for about 5 days. My skin has been feeling amazingly soft, but I just noticed today a beakout of tiny pimples all over my back and nowhere else. It looks like a rash. I have been using a body brush that I bought years ago and has just been sitting in my cupboard. I cleaned it with warm soapy water and used vinegar to disinfect it. I'm not sure if it is a natural fibre brush although it has the appearance of natural bristles, but they feel plasticy. Would a synthetic brush have this kind of affect/reaction on my skin so quickly? or do you think it could have been from the vinegar? I really do want to continue doing dry body brushing, but not if It keeps causing a breakout on my back


Tanja   •   February 2, 2013

Hi Joy, I couldn't find any information on the internet so thought maybe you can help me. Is it okay to dry skin brush during pregnancy?

Joy McCarthy   •   February 3, 2013

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Tara L.   •   July 17, 2017

I've always known this is good for you and asked my sister to get the brush on your site for my birthday. I've done this twice and LOVE it. Thank you!


Elaine   •   January 10, 2018

Hello! I'm doing your Kitchen Challenge and also purchased your Detox book and am in pre-detox phase. I really want to incorporate dry brushing. I've always wondered does dead skin cells fully come off when you shower or can it accumulate? When I get pedicures I notice when they scrub my feet things come off as they rub. It sometimes happens too if I'm taking a hot shower and rub the skin with my nails. Maybe dry brushing would help with this!

Rachel Molenda   •   January 10, 2018

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