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How to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays (Video)

In the past I used to gain 5lbs after everything I indulged in throughout December. Then I was on a mission to shed that extra weight that made my clothes feel tight and my shirts just a wee bit uncomfortable come January. However, now I just make smarter choices and can enjoy the holidays as well as start off the New Year right without a weight loss goal in mind. 

If your jeans feel quite a bit tighter after the holidays then I think my tips will come in super handy!

Here's the video:

Summary of my points:

1. Choose your indulgences wisely.

Instead of store-bought pumpkin pie or cookies, have a slice of your mama's home-baked pie instead. Indulge in smaller quantities of high quality food. Less is more!

2. Don't go hungry.

Heading to a holiday party? Don't show up hungry. This is a recipe for stuffing yourself like a turkey! Eat a healthy dinner before an evening cocktail party. This will keep your appetite in check.

3. Skip the fried foods.

You know those frozen hors d'oeurves that you can buy from the grocery store? Skip them. More often then not they are pre-cooked, often pre-fried

4. Alcohol in moderation.

Avoid the sugary cocktails. Wine is your best choice. Drink a glass of water between every single alcoholic drink.

5. Release the guilt.

If you do go a bit overboard at your holiday office party, don't beat yourself up about it. Just get back on track the very next day with my tips in the video.

6. BYOF: Bring Your Own Food

Many of you read joyous health and use the recipes because they are allergen-friendly AND of course, delicious!. So, in that case you may be someone who can't eat a whole heck of a lot of foods at your Auntie's holiday dinner. That's okay! Just bring something you CAN eat. Don't let your dietary restrictions prevent you from enjoying yourself so this is why being prepared and making something you love to share with others is a great idea.

I hope your next holiday party is super joyous!

Maggie   •   November 30, 2015

The holidays are a tough one for indulging. Having a plan like yours is a great strategy - always be prepared so you are not grabbing the first available thing, which is usually not the healthy option.

Kate McDonald Walker   •   November 30, 2015

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