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Rosemary Sweet Potato Wedges

I fell in love with potatoes all over again when I was pregnant. I guess if I had any cravings, sweet potato wedges were it. I must eat potato wedges at lea
Dec 1, 2015 | Joy McCarthy

I fell in love with potatoes all over again when I was pregnant. I guess if I had any cravings, sweet potato wedges were it. I must eat potato wedges at least once per week. Walker says I've never met a potato wedge I didn't like (haha!). Now that it's getting chilly in Toronto and winter is just around the corner sweet potato wedges are the perfect comfort food. I love them so much I included them in my latest ebook: Feel JOYOUS Look Great (after pregnancy and beyond)!

Funny story: I made these for a girlfriend for dinner a couple of weeks ago and she thought we bought them pre-cut and pre-seasoned! (I was flattered).

These are the basic ingredients: sweet potatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, rosemary and black pepper. Sometimes I add garlic powder too. These are so dang (yes, DANG) tasty!!


Aside from high quality ingredients, the key to good wedges is a great cut. Use a high quality Chef's knife to chop them into wedges.

I highly recommend you purchase organic sweet potatoes so you can leave the skin on. If you don't use organic, I would suggest peeling them since the pesticides are concentrated on the peel. When trying to decide how many potatoes you need a simple rule of thumb is one potato per person. As you can see in the photo these were not gigantic potatoes like the conventional-farmed variety monster-size. If you have very large potatoes then you may need less of them for this recipe.

Sweet potatoes are very rich in fiber and beta-carotene which makes them this beautiful bright orange. This orange hue is a sure sign it is a cancer-preventative food. These colour pigments increase the activity of two key antioxidant enzymes which are key in cancer prevention. The phytonutrients in sweet potatoes have also been found in animal studies to be highly anti-inflammatory. Even though sweet potatoes have a medium ranking on the glycemic index along with beets and leeks, they are actually quite blood sugar balancing, even in type 2 diabetics.

It's no wonder sweet potatoes are often called a superfood because they have an incredible array of nutrients.

Here's my recipe:

Mains & Sides
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  • 4 organic sweet potatoes, sliced into wedges
  • 1-2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil*
  • 1/2 tsp coarse sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1 tbsp dried rosemary
  1. Preheat oven to 350F degrees. In a large bowl, drizzle the oil on to the wedges. Add the seasoning and make sure the wedges are evenly coated. Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper and spread wedges evenly on to cookie sheet. Bake for 20-25 minutes or until wedges are fork tender.
  2. Serves 4


*You've likely heard that olive oil should not be heated. This is not always the case and depends on the quality of the oil. Be sure to purchase high quality, certified organic olive oil. This is because olive oil that is high quality will also be an excellent source of antioxidants. It is these antioxidants that prevent the oil from oxidizing when heated.

We enjoy these wedges with a piece of fish or a homemade fish or chicken burger. I hope you try them out!

Have a joyous day,


Tracy   •   December 4, 2015

Great tip on the olive oil - I'd been avoiding it and only using coconut oil when heating but will give it a go again. Any recommendations for a high quality brand in Canada? We're also obsessed with sweet potato and I bake some kind of sweet potato chips every couple of days - going to try these wedges next time. Thanks again

Kate McDonald Walker   •   December 4, 2015

Lisa   •   December 4, 2015

Thank you for this post! I made sweet potatoe wedges a couple days ago and they were horrid and mushy! Now, looking at your recipe I know where I went wrong: lower oven temperature and shorter cooking time. Thanks, Joy!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   December 7, 2015

Natalie T.   •   July 27, 2016

Yum! These turned out perfectly. I never knew you could eat sweet potato skin. It tastes good, and is so much easier to prepare!

Heather Allen   •   July 28, 2016

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