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How to make a London Fog, Joyous-Style (Video)

I've admitted to being a cookie-monster and a pancake-monster, but have I also told you how much I LOVE tea? Tea-monster doesn't really have much of a ring
Dec 19, 2015 | Joy McCarthy

I've admitted to being a cookie-monster and a pancake-monster, but have I also told you how much I LOVE tea? Tea-monster doesn't really have much of a ring to it, so let's just stick with tea-lover. :)

I created this recipe because I realized I was spending too much money at my local cafe getting a London Fog a few times a week. Walker and I have a nice espresso machine at home we received a few years ago as a wedding gift and it has a milk frother so I thought I should really take advantage of it! And don't worry, you totally do not need an espresso machine to make this. Just wanted to point that out since you'll see me using it in this video, but it's not necessary. See below the video for how to make it without a milk frother.

What is a London Fog you might be wondering?

Apparently the first London Fog was made in Vancouver, Canada and the original name is Vancouver Fog. Your typical London Fog is cow's milk, earl grey tea, vanilla syrup and boiling water. It's like a tea latte or some cafes call it a "misto". Either way, it's darn delicious. I make it joyous-style though without cow's milk or vanilla syrup. Instead I use coconut or almond milk and put maple syrup and cinnamon for flavour. And yes, earl grey tea is essential.

If you've never had earl grey tea before the taste is "flowery" but not like having a cup of someone's cheap perfume, noooooo... that would be awful. It's black tea that has been flavoured with oil of bergamont. I encourage you to only buy certified organic earl grey tea please! Tea is highly sprayed with pesticides and that is the last thing you want in your London Fog.

Here's the video recipe:

Don't have a milk frother?

Don't worry! Just heat your milk on very low temp on the stove top. Of course you don't have to heat the milk at all but this will prevent it from curdling when you add it to the hot water.

Other nice additions include:

- Lavender

- Vanilla

- Sprinkle of coconut sugar and cinnamon on top

I hope you enjoy this London Fog on a chilly winter's day!

Joyous health to you,


Dec 19, 2015 BY Joy McCarthy
Khava   •   December 20, 2015

I LOVE London fog! Two years ago, my brother got me a Sherlock Holmes book set and no joke, I was sitting on the couch reading Sherlock Holmes and drinking London fog...yeah...I felt a little bit like a chliche :D. Now I can really enjoy it without worrying about processed sugar and syrups. Thanks, Joy! :D P.S. Do we ever get to see your sweet little baby on camera? :)

Kate McDonald Walker   •   December 21, 2015

Angela   •   December 22, 2015

What kind is espresso machine is that? I'd love to know the brand and model!


Kay   •   December 23, 2015

This looks amazing! Can you provide the exact measurements for each ingredient?

Kate McDonald Walker   •   December 24, 2015

Jaclyn   •   February 22, 2016

Joy, whats the best type of coconut milk to use for your London Fog? Canned vs tetra pack? Which brand? Thanks!!

Kate McDonald Walker   •   February 23, 2016

Kiren   •   May 9, 2016

I finally made this, this morning and brought it to work. So delicous! I used almond milk instead of the coconut milk and am looking forward to it tomorrow morning. Hoping this will help kick my coffee habit.

Heather Allen   •   May 9, 2016

Sam   •   October 17, 2020

This is terrible, Thats not a london fog.. thats earl gray tea with coconut milk.

Joy McCarthy   •   October 19, 2020

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