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6 Tips to Avoid the Afternoon Crash

Being sleep deprived comes with the territory of being a new mama. This means my energy levels are not what they used to be pre-bambina when I could sleep f
Jan 22, 2016 | Joy McCarthy

Being sleep deprived comes with the territory of being a new mama. This means my energy levels are not what they used to be pre-bambina when I could sleep for 8 or 9 hours uninterrupted.

Despite my lack of sleep, I think I'm doing pretty good avoiding the mid-afternoon energy crash. I really do swear by these tips in this video to keep my energy balanced all day long.

Many people complain to me that they hit the mid-afternoon energy slump every single day and often resort to sugar and caffeine for a boost. If this describes you and you want to feel energized all day long I think you will find these tips super helpful.

Here's the video:

Here's a quick summary of my tips:

Power up at lunch

When I review food journals of people who typically have that afternoon crash they are usually not eating a fulfilling lunch. Making sure you include protein (from plant foods or animal) and good fats such as nuts and seeds, avocados, healthy fats and oils like coconut oil and extra-virgin olive oil will ensure your lunch is more 'fulfilling'. This will help you power through the afternoon with great energy!

Don't be so sensitive ;)

Dairy, gluten, sugar, unfermented soy are all very common food allergens and sensitivities. I know this first hand from doing hundreds of IgG food allergy tests. A very common symptom of food sensitivities is fatigue and low energy due to alarming the immune system and setting off a cascade of hormones and inflammatory chemicals. If you suspect you have a Mochaccino Smoothie recipe!

Check out this fun infographic (an all-day energy guide) from my friends at Genuine Health.

Simply breathe

Breathing is both voluntary and involuntary. 99% of the time we do it without even thinking about it, but that's actually part of the problem. When we breathe without awareness - like we do most of the time - we breathe very shallowly. Shallow breathing means we are not taking full deep breaths and we are short-changing ourselves and our energy level. We need oxygen to provide nutrients to our millions of cells. The simple act of deep breaths is proven by science to be energy boosting.

Here's a quick exercise to boost your energy and also relax your body at the same time:
1. Take a deep breath in allowing the belly to expand. This should take about 4 to 5 seconds.
2. Hold this breath for a moment.
3. Exhale fully for slightly longer than the inhale.
Do this right now! Feel the difference? Told ya ;)

Drink water

Your body needs water to survive and dehydration leads to lowered energy levels. Water helps everything in your body run smoother -- it speeds up your metabolism and aids in detoxification. Drink enough water so that your urine is pale yellow.

Wishing you joyous energy!


Jan 22, 2016 BY Joy McCarthy
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