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Joyous Journaling Challenge

Coming soon

A 21-Day Journaling Challenge to de-stress, discover your greatness and make time for #1 - YOU!

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Journaling is a healthy outlet to provide relief from anxiety, reduce stress, boost creativity and help you manifest your goals — which is why I am so excited for you to join the 21-Day Joyous Journaling Challenge! 

At the beginning of each week, you will receive an email including daily writing prompts to help guide you on your journaling journey along with a PDF download. Each week will focus on a specific theme to help you work through some of the common challenges faced by individuals today.

Joyous Reviews
1 Reviews
Helen M.   •   April 16, 2018

More of a question than a review... when is the next challenge estimated to be. Sad I missed this one! Also, does this include journal or just the PDFs? I want to make sure I order in advance.

Walker Jordan   •   April 25, 2018

Stay tuned Helen - we\'re announcing the next challenge soon. Be sure to get on the waitlist and we\'ll let you know as soon as we\'re good to go!

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