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Little Food Lovers Fruit-and-Veggie Apron


This adorable fruit-and-veggie limited edition apron will help keep things tidy. Handmade with love by “Ma McCarthy” (Joy’s mom), this limited edition apron is sized for little sous chefs, from toddlers to pre-teens!

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There are so many great reasons to get children involved in cooking. Aside from giving them responsibility and teaching them important skills, cooking with kids can be so much fun! Let them get messy with this adorable limited edition apron handmade by “Ma McCarthy” (Joy’s mom), who’s been sewing clothing since she was a kid!

Little ones and grown-ups will smile at the cheeky fruit-and-veggie print, and kids can tuck utensils (or smuggle snacks) into the striped front pocket. It’s also reversible!

  • 100% cotton
  • Pre-washed
  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle and hang to dry


Length: 23.25 inches | Width: 16.25 inches

Length of neck straps: 2 x 18 inches | Length of waist straps: 2 x 20 inches

Fits toddlers to pre-teens, adjust to any size. Simply tuck under or roll up the waist to make it shorter for a younger child. 

2 Reviews
Dawn M.   •   June 28, 2019

I received my apron this week and it is adorable. My grand daughter is going to love it. I envy Mrs. McCarthy’s sewing skills. Fantastic. If you have a little one to buy for, hurry before they are sold out.

Nicole   •   July 21, 2019

I bought one for my 4 year old for Christmas !! I love it! Can you make an adult version to match????

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