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The Joyous Team's Favourite Natural Beauty Products

Hi everyone! Kate, here! I'm the editorial manager over at Joyous Health, and every once in a while, I like to give you guys a peek behind the scenes about what goes on, and what people who work in the wellness world really do, and the stuff they love.

Over here at Joyous HQ, we get a lot of questions about Joy's favourite beauty and personal care products, but the whole team's become expert at testing products and reading labels to check for the cleanest ingredients. (Protip: Environmental Working Group's favourite sunscreens . I find a new one I love ever year (cough, Josie Maran's Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 Protect and Perfect Tinted Warm Glow, cough), but we've got another team member who's going to talk sunscreen in a moment, so I thought I'd focus on something slightly different.

Did you know your lips can get sun damaged too? It's true! So you'll want to make sure that you've got sun protection on your lips as well. I actually slather sunscreen all over my lips as well (just another reason to make sure your sunscreen has natural, non-toxic ingredients!), but I like to double up on the SPF with ILIA tinted lip conditioner SPF 15 in Bombora to make sure my lips don't entirely disappear into the rest of my face due to tinted sunscreen. The shade is totally wearable for everyone, and this is one suncare product that is actually fun to reapply!

One final note, I had to throw my fave wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses into the photo, because there's nothing more natural, non-toxic and effective than these important summer accessories!

Seanna Cohen - Beauty Contributor

Consonant Skincare’s The Perfect Sunscreen. It really is the perfect sunscreen, and I wear it every day. I always say that if you're only going to use one product in the morning, use this! It's protective, moisturizing, and has a slight tint, making it the ultimate multi-use product! No need to wear foundation (especially in the hot summer sun) when you've got this on.

Heather Allen - Community Manager

"The Putty Super Soothing Skin Cream by Graydon Clinical Luxury. This cream has worked wonders on my typically red, blotchy skin. I'm blessed with super sensitive skin that reacts to everything I put on it. With soothing ingredients like manuka honey, blue chamomile, lavender and calendula, this dreamy cream takes away redness and leaves me with a smooth like butter, baby soft face without any greasy residue (which I find shocking because of all the wonderfully healing and nourishing berry and seed oils that they have crammed into it). I've been using it for months now and it's safe to say I'm hooked on my new blotch-free baby face. Cheers to you Graydon for helping me love the skin I'm in :)"

Carol Dano - Creative Director / Designer

This is by far my favourite, natural face wash to use at the end of the day by derma e. It removes any daily buildup (hello, combination skin!) and the activated charcoal helps pull away toxins and keeps my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. As a bonus, you can slosh on a bit more than your daily amount and leave it on as a weekly mask while you're dancing around your living room and having a laugh!

Walker Jordan - Director of Operations

"I don’t always wash my face, but when I do I use Schaf’s White Lava Purifying Scrub. Given the infrequency of my beauty routine, I like to feel like things are getting done when I do, and the gritty texture of this scrub leaves me feeling free and clear from any dirt and grime. I can actually hear my pores cheering me on as I exfoliate in tiny little clockwise circles :)

This product is certified organic and definitely Joy-Approved.

Above all else, can anyone think of a more manly way to exfoliate than with lava?!? I think it’s pretty badass."

Joy McCarthy - Y'all know who she is ;)

"I literally slather my Smooth Like Butta body butter everywhere! On my arms and legs, feet, tummy ... It makes my skin silky smooth and I feel good knowing it is made with 100% clean ingredients. In fact, there's no ingredient you can't actually eat! You can get some Smooth Like Butta of your very own in the Joyous Shop."

Baby Vienna - Chief Officer in Charge of Being Cute and Chewing on Things

(Editor's Note: Vienna’s too busy with being cute and making sure that everything gets properly chewed on to write me a blurb, so Joy wrote one for her.)

"Vienna knows a high quality product when she sniffs it! I slather her with organic coconut oil every time I change her diaper and after every bath. So far, she's never had a diaper rash, yay! Lucky mama :)"

What's the one natural beauty or personal care product you can't live without? Share it with us in the comments below!

Claudia   •   June 22, 2016

Ahh lovely article :) Super funny and informative. I love the sunscreen tip!

Heather Allen   •   June 22, 2016

Zoey Shamai   •   June 23, 2016

Great picks joyous team, thanks for the reviews!

Heather Allen   •   June 23, 2016

Linden C   •   April 9, 2017

Seaweed Bath Co.'s Hydrating Lavender Bath Powder!! It's the most hydrating, soothing, and softening bath product I've ever used!

Rachel Molenda   •   April 10, 2017

Alice P.   •   April 27, 2017

Hey thanks for this useful and informative article. wow. I loved that sunscreen becouse I personally feel Whatever products you may use, skin will still appear dull if you don't take certain precautions like applying sunscreen or wearing sunglasses while going outside. You can get them online from Wholesale sunglasses distributor selling sunglasses in bulk like ,vintage at affordable price. Enjoy summer, And thanks for this tips.


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Now a day’s we are so conscious to keep our fit, for that we are doing various things like exercise and we take diet free food on the other hand we also use various of type fitness tracker gadgets that helpful to fill up our desired requirements and another most important manner this best beauty products .Finally,It is 100% working use. So, many- many thanks this website.

Rachel Molenda   •   June 14, 2017

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Rachel Molenda   •   February 28, 2018

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