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10 Things About Me!

Nov 24, 2016 BY Joy McCarthy

I thought it would be fun to film a little video that's more personal and tell you ten things about me that you might not know!

Some of these are answers to questions I get asked all the time like...

- Do I dye my hair?

- Am I a vegan or vegetarian?

- What cosmetics do I use?

And some of them are just random facts about me that might come as a surprise to you. Next up I think we should do ten surprising things about Walker and ten things about Vienna! 

 So here are ten things about me. Enjoy!

Have a joyous weekend!

Nov 24, 2016 BY Joy McCarthy
Barbara   •   March 24, 2017

Thank you!


Natalie Brazeau   •   March 24, 2017

Love the video💙💙💙

Rachel Molenda   •   March 27, 2017

Aw thanks so much Natalie! :)

Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Julie   •   April 19, 2017

Such a cute video!

Rachel Molenda   •   April 20, 2017

Hey Julie! So glad you enjoyed it :) Rachel - Joyous Health Team

Alan A.   •   July 20, 2017

HAHAHA A cheap drunk !! Have you ever sampled a pint of the black stuff? How do you keep your complexion so good..almost perfect lol?


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