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Maca Chocolate Hazelnut Freezer Fudge

Do I have any nutella fans here? Or maybe hazelnut and chocolate fans? There's just something magical about hazelnut and chocolate together, don't you agree? This combo is pretty much heaven on earth and the fact this dessert is chilled makes it absolutely perfect for the warmer weather.

I got into to make 'freezer fudge' when I was recipe creating for my new book (it's not out till 2019). I created a tahini strawberry freezer fudge which is out of this world. I've always loved hazelnut and chocolate but just can't handle Nutella because it's too sweet for me. I dreamed up this recipe because I loved the texture of the strawberry freezer fudge I created for my new cookbook.

Freezer fudge is fudge's healthy bestie. All you have to do is blend your ingredients together, pop in a pan, plop in the freezer and wait. It's that easy.

This Maca Chocolate Hazelnut Freezer Fudge is INCREDIBLE. It's creamy, rich and fulfilling.

You won't get a sugar rush either because there is very little maple syrup and it's well balanced by the good fat in the cashews and coconut cream. It's everything a healthy, decadent dessert should be. In other words, it's JOYOUS! :) 

I added the fermented and organic maca powder from New Chapter because it adds a lovely caramel taste. Of course, any maca will do but I chose this one because of the fact it's fermented making the absorption of the beneficial properties in maca easier for your digestive system. 

Maca is an adaptogen. When used as a supplement for daily use it is excellent for stamina, sports recovery and it's been used for thousands of years for energy!

 Maca in a higher dose than this freezer fudge would not be recommended for small children. However, the amount in a small piece of freezer fudge is totally fine. My daughter has tried this freezer fudge many times and loves it.

Since you don't have to actually cook anything, you can easily taste test it and decide if you want more maple syrup. If you don't want to use maple syrup, this recipe would also work well with stevia if that's your jam!

I love the added crunch of the hazelnuts on top.

If you've got a little extra time, you could always toast the hazelnuts first. Just spread them evenly on to a cookie sheet and bake at 350F degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. Be careful they don't burn. They will get a lovely roasted flavour and crunchy texture. You don't have to remove the skins but they come off easily when you roast them. 

The fudge itself is creamy and fudgey. Can you tell by my bite marks? Hee hee.

This recipe is paleo-friendly, if you remove the maple syrup it's also keto-friendly, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and deeeelish!

Sweets + Treats
  • 1/4 cup hazelnut butter
  • 1/4 cup raw cacao powder
  • 1/4-1/3 cup maple syrup*
  • 1 cup cashews (you don't need to soak them)
  • 1 tbsp maca powder**
  • The cream from 1 can (498mL) of full-fat coconut milk***
  • 1/4 cup hazelnuts, chopped
  1. Place all the ingredients into a high powder blender and give a whirl until smooth and creamy.
  2. Line a loaf pan with parchment paper. Pour into loaf pan. Top with hazelnuts. Freeze for 3 to 4 hours until totally solid.
  3. Slice into bars or squares -- whatever you heart desires!


Serves 6-8
*I suggest adding the smaller amount first and giving it a taste test to see if you like it sweeter. I find it sweet enough with 1/4 cup.
**I used New Chapter's Fermented Organic Maca Powder.
***Save the liquid for another use like a smoothie or discard.

You can find New Chapter's Maca at most health food stores or online.

I truly hope this recipe becomes a summer favourite! It's makes a really nice size batch so if you make it just for you (and there's nothing wrong with that), you'll have it for a few weeks! 

In terms of a serving size, I cut them into bars as you can see but that's quite a generous size and if you're serving this to guests then you might want to cut them into cubes. I warn you though, you may want to eat more than one cube. It's honestly impossible to resist. 

Be sure to tag me on social media @joyoushealth if you make this.

Have a great weekend!


Monica   •   June 22, 2018

Sounds wonderful but I don’t love hazelnut. Would it be good with a substitute like almond/almond butter?

Joy McCarthy   •   June 22, 2018

Wait! Whaaaaat? You don't love hazelnut ? Haha kidding :) Yes absolutely, almond would be delicious too! Enjoy!

Caro   •   June 23, 2018

What other nuts can I use instead of cashews?

Joy McCarthy   •   June 23, 2018

You could try almonds, but cashews are definitely a key ingredient because they create the smooth texture in this fudge. If you try it with almonds, let me know how it works out!

Bagur   •   June 24, 2018

Wow looks amazing! can I substitute the maple syrup for unprocessed sugar (panela)? same amount?

Joy McCarthy   •   June 24, 2018

Thanks Bagur! Yes I think that would work. The amount is pretty minimal so I don't think it would affect it too much. Let me know how it turns out!

margaret   •   June 24, 2018

WHere do I find hazelnut butter? I am in Toronto. Can I make it with my vitamix too?

Joy McCarthy   •   June 24, 2018

You can definitely make it with your Vitamix. However, it's easier to make it in a food processor. I would roast them first for a richer flavour. If you want to buy it, big box grocery stores will have it in the Natural Foods section and I buy it from The Sweet Potato.

Sam   •   June 26, 2018

Wow, these look amazing! Much better way to use Maca then in a smoothie!

Joy McCarthy   •   June 26, 2018


Sarah   •   June 26, 2018

Can you use any Maca powder with it or will it give a different taste/benefit? I notice the New Chapter one has different ingredients than some other brands.

Joy McCarthy   •   June 26, 2018

Yes, you can use any maca you like. I just really like this one because it's fermented. Hope that helps!

Laura   •   June 26, 2018

Hi Joy, those look yummy! Wondering if you use just the cream from the coconut milk or if you use the coconut milk as well?

Joy McCarthy   •   June 26, 2018

Hi Laura,
Just the cream. You can save the liquid for another use, like in your smoothies.

Sandy   •   June 26, 2018

These look so yummy! I'm heading out today to buy the ingredients. What size can of coconut milk should I start with? I ask because I have a 13.5 oz and 5.46 oz cans. Or maybe a better question, can you estimate approximately how much cream from the coconut milk I should use? I know, maybe an obvious question but it came to mind. Thanks for sharing your recipes!

Joy McCarthy   •   June 26, 2018

Good question, I've updated the post to include the size! I use a 498mL can of full fat coconut milk and use all the cream. I like Native Forest and Chas Organic brands. You can't really mess up a recipe like this because if there is less coconut cream, the fudge will be a little less creamy and more icy, but still as yummy!

Lina R.   •   June 26, 2018

Hello Joy, Where can I buy the following ingredients? - hazelnut butter - new chapters fermented organic maca powder - full-fat coconut milk I'm looking forward to making this recipe :) Thanks

Joy McCarthy   •   June 26, 2018

Hi Lina!

Hazelnut butter is at most big box grocery stores or health food stores. If you have trouble finding it, you can can swap for almond butter -- just as delicious.

The new chapter maca is at Whole Foods, the Big Carrot and most health food stores. You can also buy it online on Amazon.

Coconut milk can be found at most any grocery store too. If it's not in the health food section of the grocery store, then look in the Asian/ethnic foods section.

Hope that helps!

Geege   •   June 26, 2018

Thank you Joyous One! Any substitutions for hazelnuts please? I'm not a big fan. ❤️

Joy McCarthy   •   June 26, 2018

You could do almond, peanut or sunflower butter. All delicious subs!

Ashley   •   June 26, 2018

What is the nutrient breakdown for this recipe and maybe your others as well

Joy McCarthy   •   June 27, 2018

Hi Ashley, sorry but I don't provide that information. My philosophy is not to count calories or grams of fat or otherwise. Instead I focus on whole real food. However, I realize that if you're following a particular diet or whatever you might need to know. There are apps where you can plug in the ingredients to see the total cals. However, a little of this recipe goes a long way, it's super filling! Hope that helps!

Barbara   •   June 27, 2018

I want to substitute liquid stevia drops for the maple syrup. How much stevia should I use? Thx

Joy McCarthy   •   June 28, 2018

I would use 10-20 drops if using the liquid, but I feel like it's a very personal thing how sweet you want it. Start with a lower amount and give it a taste test. Let me know how you like it!

Libby A.   •   June 27, 2018

Hey there. I made your chicken burgers with salsa as well as strawberry crumble on Fathers Day. Both were a hit. Thanks Joy!

Joy McCarthy   •   June 28, 2018

Perfect!! Glad to hear they were all a hit :)

Patricia   •   August 28, 2018

If I can’t use the hazel nut butter can I use another nut or seed butter?

Joy McCarthy   •   August 29, 2018


LeeAnne Gelfand   •   September 4, 2018

I have all the ingredients to make these fudgy delicious looking bars. Best part is I found a can of coconut cream. What is the volume you might get from taking the cream off the top of a can of coconut milk? I look forward to making these delicious little morsels.

Joy McCarthy   •   September 4, 2018

Perfect! It's usually about half or more of the can. As long as it says "full fat" you're good to go. Honestly, it's hard to mess up this recipe ;) Enjoy!

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