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Egg-free Coconut Banana French Toast

I'm a huge brunch fan and I wanted to take one of my favourite dishes and make it 100% plant-based so that even if you can't eat eggs or you choose not to, you can still enjoy this recipe.
Dec 10, 2019 | Joy McCarthy

Breakfast or brunch, this Coconut Banana French Toast is absolutely incredible—like, hands down one of my top fave recipes I’ve ever created. It also helps that I’m a huge French toast fan and brunch is my favourite meal, so when I created this dish I was very determined to make it as delicious as the traditional recipe.

Egg-free French Toast

I’m happy to report I succeeded! As we were enjoying the fruits of our labour eating this, I think I must have said to Walker at least ten times, “mmmm, this is SO GOOD.”

Egg-free French Toast

I’m really excited to share this recipe with you considering that you may have friends or family that can’t eat eggs due to food sensitives, or they choose not to because they are eating 100% plant-based.

Either way, even the meat-eaters will get on board with this amazing recipe because it’s so flavourful and all the textures in this French toast make it super memorable, even better than the original if I might be so bold to say!

I used Silver Hills Sprouted bread to make this recipe because I love the heartiness of it and it’s oh-so-good for my belly, too (easy peasy on my digestive system). I find sprouted bread so much easier to digest and I feel good giving it to my daughter. I’ve talked about this a lot in other posts so you can read all about it here in my cauli tacos (I used sprouted wraps), here is my mom’s legendary stuffing and most recently in my back to school sammies !

Silver Hills Bakery

When you’re making the banana mixture you want it to be a paste-like texture that is easily spreadable. So, make sure to use ripe bananas for this recipe—they’ll be nice and sweet, too.

Banana mixture

Egg-free banana french toast

When cooking the French toast in the frying pan, be generous with the coconut oil on the pan so it doesn’t stick. That will give you a nicely caramelized texture, not burnt but incredibly flavourful.

egg-free banana french toast

Now the only decision you’ll need to make is what to top it with. The French toast all on its own is absolutely incredible (I realize I’ve already said “incredible” a few times now) but the toppings are the icing on the cake! I added a nice schlop of coconut yogurt.


Then I added some maple syrup. I love a super-rich maple flavour that stands out which is why I always use extra dark, real maple syrup.

Putting the toppings on the egg-free banana french toast

This Egg-free Coconut Banana French Toast toast recipe is...

  • Totally plant-based making it egg-free and dairy-free
  • Made with simple, whole, real ingredients
  • Sure to bring joy to your taste buds!
  • Very easy to digest because I’ve used Silver Hills Sprouted and organic bread

If you’re celebrating over the holidays, this is the perfect brunch recipe to impress the socks off your guests and nourish their belly joyously! You can bet this is what I will be serving at my next brunch party!

Let’s get to this recipe shall we?

coconut banana french toast

Breakfast & Brunch
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  • 3 ripe bananas mashed
  • ¼-1/2 cup shredded coconut
  • ½ tsp cinnamon
  • ¼ tsp nutmeg
  • ¼ cup non-dairy milk like rice or almond milk
  • 6 pieces of Silver Hills Sprouted Bread
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Coconut kefir or yogurt
  • 1 cup frozen wild blueberries warmed on the stove
  • Real maple syrup
  1. In a medium size bowl mash bananas and mix in shredded coconut, cinnamon, nutmeg. Next stir in milk. You want the texture to be a paste that you can easily spread with a fork but won’t fall off the slice of bread if you turn it over. That is why I’ve given you an option for the amount of shredded coconut in case you’re using larger or ripe bananas than I used and yours is a thinner consistency. Then you have the option of adding more coconut.
  2. Heat a pan to medium and melt coconut oil. Spread the mixture on to one side of the bread. Place it mixture side down on the pan. It should sizzle. Let it cook for a couple of minutes and check to make sure it doesn’t burn. Spoon more mixture on to the top side and then flip. Cook for a few more minutes and then place in oven on a baking sheet to keep warm until you’ve finishing making all 6 pieces.
  3. Meanwhile, place frozen wild blueberries into small pot on stove and warm up on low until heated through.
  4. To serve, place 1 to 2 pieces of French toast per person with a dollop of coconut kefir or yogurt, a spoonful of warmed wild blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup. Enjoy!


In terms of how many it serves, that really depends how hungry you are! I find this recipe very filling, so I'm fine with 1 piece but my hubs will definitely eat 2 pieces. So it could serve 3 or 6 people depending on how hungry everyone is!

I love all the textures in this French toast from the crisp outside to the soft inside paired with coconut yogurt and warmed wild blueberries—I’m getting hungry look at these photos!

french toast on a fork

So, there you have it! A new and joyously delicious French toast that is totally plant-based and absolutely divine!

Have a happy holiday, friends!

Joy xo

This post was created in partnership with Silver Hills Bakery, however all opinions are always my own. Read more about partnership ethos here.

Silver Hills Sprouted French toast

Kristen   •   December 17, 2019

This was seriously gooood! No syrup required. Thanks Joy for all the yummy recipes you bring our way. Simply joyous!

Joy McCarthy   •   December 18, 2019

Lauryn McNab   •   December 18, 2019

When attempting this recipe the mixture just stuck to the pan and did not allow the bread to cook, any tips to help prevent this from happening

Joy McCarthy   •   December 18, 2019
Shauna   •   January 2, 2020
Joy McCarthy   •   January 2, 2020

Melyssa   •   December 22, 2019

Hi Joy! What if you don’t like shredded coconut? Will it work ? Also, By not adding an egg, wouldn’t that remove some protein for the morning ? Just curious egg vs no egg.

Joy McCarthy   •   December 22, 2019

Alice   •   December 31, 2019

Oh, Joy (literally)!!.. I can see why this one is one of your top recipes--these really were absolutely delicious! One of my sons described them as "out of this world" while his brother, who thinks he doesn't like bananas (more of a texture issue more than a flavor issue, I think) kept singing its praises. Because I didn't want to leave out the protein I added an egg and shredded coconut--good greed!.. :)) They turned out yummy. Thanks for creating and sharing such great treats! Much appreciated!!!

Joy McCarthy   •   January 2, 2020

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