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Ep 43: A More Natural Approach to Balancing Hormones with Ashleigh Norris

Millions of women around the world suffer from hormonal balance. There are many factors that cause this as well many ways to combat hormonal imbalance.
Oct 26, 2020 | Joy McCarthy

My special guest on the podcast today is Ashleigh Norris, certified Holistic Nutritionist and Reiki Healer. Ashleigh is also the owner of The Soulful Sprout Holistic Nutrition, where her focus is on hormone health and optimization, employing a unique and warm approach to hormone healing with women throughout the world. 

Ashleigh begins by sharing her own healing journey, including the effects of trauma she suffered in her youth, and her diagnosis, treatment and recovery from thyroid cancer. She also details how she was inspired to gain a sense of empowerment in her body, and to go forward to receive the training necessary so that she could educate and treat others. Ashleigh goes on to explain the various components such as nutrition, lifestyle, and sleep, that affect hormones as well as the deficiencies involved that cause so many women and men to suffer these days.

Ashleigh is, indeed, a total hormone expert, and the vast amount of knowledge, wisdom, and advice which she brings to the podcast today will undoubtedly have a profound impact upon all who listen.

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Episode Highlights

  • Ashleigh’s healing journey
  • Why so many women suffer from hormonal imbalance
  • The various components that affect hormones
  • The birth control pill’s contribution to nutritional deficiencies
  • Optimizing fertility
  • Organic versus non-organic foods
  • Lifestyle choices that support hormones
  • The importance of sleep to a woman’s hormonal health
  • Ashleigh’s recommendations for sleep hygiene
  • Men suffering from hormonal imbalance
  • The impact of stress on hormones


Vanessa   •   October 27, 2020

This was an awesome conversation! Thank you both!

Joy McCarthy   •   October 28, 2020

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