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Ep 45: Using Light to Optimize Your Health with Matt Maruca

Matt Maruca, founder of "The Light Diet" joins us today on the Joyous Health Podcast to share how light affects human health.
Nov 9, 2020 | Joy McCarthy

A true ‘beam of light’ joins Walker and I for the podcast today. Matt Maruca is a student, educator, and entrepreneur in the field of photobiology, the study of how light affects human health, and he is also the founder of Ra Optics, a company that develops the world’s highest quality blue light protection glasses (that both Walker and I wear every night!). A veritable fountain of information and advice when it comes to using light to optimize health, Matt enthusiastically shares so much of it here today.

He begins by recounting exactly what light is, why he became so interested in it, and the story of his discovery of epigenetics while addressing the factors causing his health problems when he was younger. Matt then provides an extensive analysis of mitochondria, their importance for our health, the impact of both a synchronized and disrupted circadian rhythm, and the reason why he started his business. Sprinkled throughout his analysis, are references to a number of professionals whose research and theories have greatly informed and impacted Matt’s life and work.


He also shares information regarding undoing mitochondria damage, ‘The Light Diet’, his business and its main product, the detrimental impact of the ‘Sun Business’, and what actually brings happiness to his life. To Walker’s great relief, Matt also offers his opinion on the impact of my bangs on light absorption. You will quickly appreciate precisely why we could have continued talking to Matt for hours as you listen in today. The passion, enthusiasm, and sheer amount of knowledge that he possesses are on full display here - truly an enlightening guest who provides yet another piece to the puzzle of attaining joyous health.

Listen to the Episode:

Episode Highlights:

  • What light is and how Matt became interested in it
  • Epigenetics and the impact it had on him
  • Some of the factors that caused Matt’s health problems
  • Mitochondria and the factors that affect them
  • Matt’s ‘car engine’ analogy
  • Using circadian rhythm to optimize our health
  • The ancient Indian practice of sungazing
  • Why Matt started a business making blue-blocking glasses
  • Luke Storey’s podcast interview with Dr. Alexander Wunsch about Blue Light and LED
  • Dr. Dylan Petkus and Optimal Circadian Health
  • What happens when our circadian rhythm is out of sync
  • Dr. Wallace’s research into mitochondria and modern chronic diseases
  • Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and how forms part of ‘The Light Diet’
  • The puzzles pieces of our health and wellbeing
  • How light impacts our appetite
  • Dr. Satchin Panda’s research
  • ‘Undoing’ mitochondrial damage
  • Dr. Jack Kruse’s work
  • The purpose of, and steps involved in, ‘The Light Diet’
  • Matt’s company, Ra Optics, and its main product, Blue Blocking Glasses
  • The ‘Sun Business’ and the dangers of sun exposure avoidance, sunglasses and sunscreen
  • What actually brings happiness to Matt’s life
  • Joy’s bangs



Marta   •   November 14, 2020

Thank you for this podcast! So much information! I’m very passionate about healthy living and always researching and learning. This just expanded my knowledge about light and its role in health. Enjoyed every minute of it!

Joy McCarthy   •   November 15, 2020

Jennifer Stanton   •   December 3, 2020

I second Marta's comment above. Absolutely loved this episode. Thank you for the important work that you do - we need more Joys and Walkers in the world!

Joy McCarthy   •   December 3, 2020

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