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Ep 51: A Natural Approach to Thyroid Disorders with Dr. Lisa Weeks

Caring for your thyroid from a natural perspective is why I invited Dr. Lisa Weeks back to the podcast for another informative and fantastic chat about all things thyroid.
Jun 8, 2021 | Joy McCarthy

Dr. Lisa’s previous episode was centered around the subject of stress and it was a huge hit with listeners, so she is back again this week to dig into the world of thyroid disorders. As you may remember, Dr. Lisa is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor who is full of fascinating information and advice, so once again, you’re going to want to get out your pen and paper to take notes during yet another amazing episode.

Up to 200 million people suffer from thyroid disease. In the U.S., that number is around 20 million. 

Caring for your thyroid from a natural perspective is what Dr. Lisa Weeks is an absolute expert in. If you suffer from any thyroid condition, you'll also find this episode empowering as Lisa shares nutrition and lifestyle habits to support your thyroid from an evidence-based natural health approach. 

Listen to the Episode:

Episode Highlights:

  • Dr. Lisa’s experience with thyroid issues
  • Reasons behind the prevalence of thyroid disorders in Canada and North America
  • Hashimoto’s disease
  • Sources of iodine
  • Dr. Christianson’s The Thyroid Reset Diet
  • The most common reason for thyroid dysfunction that Dr. Lisa sees in her practice
  • The TSH range and the value of seeing a naturopath
  • The role and importance of the thyroid and when to get it checked
  • What naturopaths can do for those with thyroid disorders
  • Proper thyroid nutrition
  • Fertility and thyroid health
  • The impact of lifestyle and body care on thyroid health


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Wild Collective Toronto

The Thyroid Reset Diet

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Dr. Lisa's Instagram

Lori Warner   •   October 13, 2021

First time listening to a podcast! Loved it!! Packed full of valuable information about thyroid health. Having lived with hypothyroidism for many years, this has given me hope that I don’t have to live a life feeling like crap all the time! Thank-you Joy and Lisa!

Joy McCarthy   •   October 13, 2021

Amanda   •   October 13, 2021

I loved this podcast! So much information. I just recently got diagnosed with Graves disease. I have hyperthyroidism. I am in the process of getting treatment and hopefully on the path of feeling better. Thank you for such valuable information 😊

Joy McCarthy   •   October 14, 2021

Brenda   •   February 20, 2022

I’ve sent this podcast to a few friends, like me, have problems with their thyroid. I’m making an appointment with a Naturopath, thanks Joy!

Joy McCarthy   •   February 22, 2022

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