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Ep. 77: A Holistic Approach to Overcoming Eczema with Abby Lai, Nutritionist

In this episode Abby discusses her experience with conventional eczema treatments and how she came to discover a more natural, whole body approach to overcoming her condition.
Jul 5, 2022 | Joy McCarthy

This week, Joy chats with Abby Lai, who became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist after suffering from eczema that was so severe her doctors said it was the worst that they had ever seen. Since she discovered a holistic approach to health, she has become passionate about helping people overcome eczema, naturally. She is the host of The Eczema Podcast, which has helped eczema sufferers around the world with over 100,000 listens and 500,000 views on YouTube. She is also the founder of Conqueror Skincare, which is an all natural product line to help eczema and dry skin.

Abby Lai Eczema Nutritionist Heal your skin naturally

In this episode Abby discusses her experience with conventional eczema treatments and how she came to discover a more natural, whole body approach to overcoming her condition. She is a wealth of knowledge on all things eczema and shares how our environment, thoughts, diet, lifestyle, gut health, and digestion can all impact the health of our skin. After listening to her speak, you will be filled with hope for an eczema-free future!

If you’ve been struggling with dry, inflamed, or eczema-prone skin, you won’t want to miss this episode! Abby shares tons of actionable tips on everything from food triggers to lifestyle shifts that you can start exploring today. So grab your favourite anti-inflammatory tea, settle in with your notebook, and get ready to learn to support your skin health from the inside out!


Episode Highlights:

  • Abby’s journey with eczema from infancy.
  • The toll that being 90-95% covered in rashes took on her mental health and self-esteem.
  • The frustration she felt by being told her skin would never heal.
  • How the environment or emotions can impact your skin health.
  • What inspired her to explore a more natural treatment program for her skin.
  • The connection between eczema & mental health issues such as depression.
  • What is topical steroid withdrawal?
  • The connection between the microbiome, mental health, and skin health.
  • How severe eczema can impact your social and personal life.
  • Her experience with allopathic eczema and allergy treatments.
  • Some of the side effects she still experiences from her steroid medications.
  • The turning point that sent her down the path to a more holistic approach to eczema care.
  • How she discovered the connection between diet and skin health.
  • The triggering foods she eliminated to start seeing skin healing results.
  • How she balanced her body to experience more food freedom, without causing an eczema flare.
  • The power of healing the gut and balancing the microbiome to support skin health.
  • The top food triggers people with eczema should avoid as they’re healing.
  • How poor fat digestion can cause skin flares.
  • The importance of liver health when it comes to eczema healing.
  • How getting to the root cause helps clients with multiple skin issues.
  • Other less well-known triggers for eczema!
  • The surprising link between dental infections and eczema.
  • How antibiotics can impact skin health and what you can do to prevent side effects.
  • How supporting the skin can improve other health issues as well.
  • The skin has a circadian rhythm- what that means and how it impacts eczema symptoms.
  • How to use lab and other tests to get to your unique root cause.
  • Postpartum hormones and the connection between inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Foods that are supportive and soothing to the skin and whole body.
  • Lifestyle habits Abby recommends to support healthy skin.
  • How to manage stress to prevent inflammation.
  • The best skin soothing ingredients for eczema flare ups and reducing itchiness.
  • How skin pH and eczema are connected and how to keep it balanced!

Abby Lai Eczema Nutritionist natural solutions for treating eczema


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