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Province Apothecary - Heal Eczema Kit

The Heal Eczema Kit contains a Healing Eczema Balm as well as a Hydrating Rescue Balm – both of which are the number 1 healing creams that I recommend to clients, and that I used myself in the past to soothe eczema flare ups. My Dad has also been using this kit to heal eczema on his legs and it has worked wonders! The Healing Eczema Balm works by calming inflamed, itchy, dry, red skin, while the Hydrating Rescue Balm is to be applied once your eczema has calmed down to prevent future outbreaks.

The benefit of using them together is that it’s not only treating the present issue but it’s working to help prevent it from occurring again as well. While I used this to soothe my eczema, it is also a great natural solution for psoriasis and extremely dry skin. Both products are non-GMO, cruelty free and made in Canada which naturally wins my heart over!


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