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Wear the size that fits you now

Hello beauties!The other day I was shopping for a dress and I couldn't help but overhear the woman in the change room next to me talking to her girlfriend.
Aug 21, 2011 | Joy McCarthy

Hello beauties!

The other day I was shopping for a dress and I couldn't help but overhear the woman in the change room next to me talking to her girlfriend. She was complaining about her body - her hips were too big, her boobs not perky enough and how much she couldn't possibly bring herself to buy a size larger than she used to wear two years ago.

Translation? She was trying to squeeze herself into a dress too small.

So we've all been there - wearing a pair of pants just a little too tight on the waist or a blouse that looks like it's about to pop a button. I was there too, but I don't do it anymore because it really lowered my self-esteem and confidence. I was constantly trying to be something I'm not - a size smaller!

I know I'm not the only one (nor was the lady in the change room next to me) because I recall back when I was in high school working for a clothing store and I used to sell outfit after outfit to women who would buy a size smaller in hopes they would lose weight and fit into it in the future.

Two words if you are doing this, STOP NOW!

My health tip for you today is to love precisely where you are at. If you don't love where you are at right now, it makes it 10 gazillion times harder to get where you want to be. Why? If you constantly put yourself down and buy uncomfortable outfits this very effectively lowers your self-esteem and makes you feel like crap! Doesn't it feel uncomfortable wearing a suit or dress or pants too tight?

Wear clothes that fit you now. If you want to lose weight, then first and foremost focus on your health, because weight loss is merely a side effect of good health, as is glowing skin, a strong libido, shiny hair and good energy.

Before I go, here are two more articles to learn to love precisely where you are at:

Have a beautiful week!


Aug 21, 2011 BY Joy McCarthy
Lisa Harris   •   August 21, 2011

Thank you for another great blog! I like that weight loss is a "side effect" of healthy living. It puts the focus somewhere else.


VeggieGirl   •   August 21, 2011



Mandi   •   August 22, 2011

I love this idea! Tho I admit it was very hard for me to do;) When I had my son, I was almost 200lbs....I was 110 before ever having children! Talk about a change! Anyway, I've been working very hard at getting to a healthy weight, (as instructed by my Dr)and setting a healthy example for my kids. As a result, I've needed to go shopping a few times;) I just went out looking for jeans yesterday, and tried on one pair that fit-ish...but not really, haha. I have a bum, which I love, and curves, which I also love! These jeans would have fit great in the waist if my butt were totally flat and my hips were non-exsistent! Instead, they were skin-tight in the hips & thighs, and loose around the waist. And for once, I did NOT blame me!!! I accepted my curves, (I was trying on a 27, for crying out loud!) and blamed the designers of the jeans. And then I went to a different store and found jeans that not only fit and look great, but are SO comfy! AND, they fit my bum:D


Linda   •   March 27, 2014

Although I'm a couple years late, thank you for this post! I started living a healthy lifestyle about a year and a half ago and due to those changes, I lost 2 pants sizes! I know most would think I'm crazy to be upset over this, but curves (not overweight) was what I grew up to think was beautiful. Now, I see the importance of embracing my body, no matter what size, as long as I'm healthy.


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