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Brussels Sprouts with Toasted Coconut

Note from Joy: I'm joyous to share this recipe with you from my guest blogger Bianca Osbourne! I loooove Brussels sprouts, but my love is only within the la
Feb 18, 2012 | Bianca Osbourne

Note from Joy: I'm joyous to share this recipe with you from my guest blogger Bianca Osbourne! I loooove Brussels sprouts, but my love is only within the last 10 years, prior to that.. they were my least fave because I didn't have a clue how to make them delicious. Read more to learn how to turn these green balls into some kind of wonderful...

For years Brussels sprouts have gotten a bum rap; due in large part to years of being poorly prepared, which further enhances their, um, earthy flavor. But I’m here to elevate this little green bauble back to its rightful place in the culinary kingdom. When prepared properly, Brussels sprouts have the power to induce “oohs and aahs”, as opposed to “blech”; which is crucial if anyone is going to eat them.

And why should we be eating Brussels sprouts?

Because of their high level of vitamin C, they naturally boost our immunity. It is no coincidence that they are a winter vegetable and boost our immunity naturally!

As Brussels sprouts are rich in the sulphoraphane compound, they are a natural detoxifier; shown to help the body rid itself of harmful carcinogens, a known cause of cancer. And when eaten regularly, with other brassicas (cruciferous vegetables and cabbages), Brussels sprouts may help minimize the risk of developing breast, prostate, colorectal and lung cancers. Brussels sprouts hate cancer- yet another reason to love them!

When selecting Brussels sprouts look for bright green heads with no yellow leaves; and once you’ve selected fresh and ready for cooking Brussels sprouts, it’s time to get cooking!

This recipe is one of my favorites, because it has the power to convert even the biggest Brussels haters among us; by boiling this sprout in vegetable stock, we infuse flavor from the onset, which serves to eliminate the unpleasant flavor profile that people have come to associate with this food. From there we sauté them in coconut oil and garnish with toasted coconut. This recipe is simple, to the point and allows the Brussels sprouts to shine; oh yeah, and it’s delicious!

Brussels sprouts with Toasted Coconut

Serves 3

2 cups Brussels Sprout, trimmed of outer leaves

1 tbsp toasted unsweetened shredded coconut

1 tsp coconut oil

Vegetable Stock, for boiling

½ tsp salt

Boil equal parts water and vegetable stock, add the trimmed Brussels sprouts; cook until just tender, about 5 minutes. Drain. Allow to cool and cut in half.

Heat the coconut oil in a skillet on medium high heat; add the halved Brussels sprouts and sauté until they begin to brown, 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Season with salt; and remove from heat; toss with toasted coconut.

Bianca Osbourne is an Edmonton based natural foods chef and freelance writer. With a strong belief in real food, Bianca hopes to empower people to discover the goodness and vitality brimming in everyday meals!

coco lover   •   February 24, 2012

The coconut oil and flakes are a very nice touch. But they still cannot mask the bitterness of brussel sprouts.


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