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Lisa's Success Story

When my client Lisa emailed me this week to tell me how she's been doing since our session, I was so thrilled on her progress I just had to share it with yo
Mar 20, 2012 | Joy McCarthy

When my client Lisa emailed me this week to tell me how she's been doing since our session, I was so thrilled on her progress I just had to share it with you all. I'm also joyous to tell you that her results are quite common.Yes, people DO start to feel better when they make simple changes over time.

As I write this it makes me think of all those fad diet programs you see in magazines with the fine print that reads "results not typical". Well...I'm here to tell you that when you change what you eat, the way you think about food and your lifestyle, then you will feel better and look better.

Meet Lisa and enjoy her story:

Lisa: "I've been following your recommendations since our session a little over a month ago. I've definitely seen an improvement with my stuffy nose. It's not completely gone, but it is much better. I noticed a huge difference one week when I had lasagna a couple of nights for dinner and curried chicken with yogurt that same week. My stuffy nose was really bad that week and took about 2 weeks to get better after that, so no more cheese and yogurt for me now".

"My headaches are pretty much gone since I've cut back to one cup of coffee per day. Thank you!!"

"I've also noticed a big difference with my period. I used to have very painful cramps and would take advil liquigels for a couple of days. I have almost no cramps at all now, and my mood swings are pretty much gone. My husband has confirmed this one, lol. So no advil at all since we've spoken! HUGE THANKS FOR THIS!!!!!"

Then I asked her a few questions and she shared her changes and successes:

1. What were the most significant changes you made?

Eliminating dairy, specifically switching to almond milk from cow's milk.

Making sure I eat carbs, protein and fat at all meals including snacks.

Trying to eat gluten free as best I can.

Drinking lemon water every morning, and adding chia seeds to my diet every day.

Cutting back to one cup of coffee per day.

2. Did you make any lifestyle changes that helped?

Mainly stopped eating out and started making everything myself.

3. What about supplements?

I was already taking probiotics, but now also take vitamin D every day.

4. Any other positive effects you've noticed either physical or not that you care to share?

I've lost a couple of pounds, 2 inches off my waist and I am never bloated any more.

My skin broke out at first, but now has cleared right up and looks better than it has in years. Even some discolourations that I've had since my pregnancy 9 years ago have faded.

5. What is your fave new recipe you've tried?

There are a bunch, but my absolute fave is the Sunshine Quinoa Bowl. It's the best salad I've ever had! I also really like the raw maca balls.

I'm so thrilled Lisa shared her story with you and I hope this inspires you to make positive changes. No matter where you live, you can book a session with Joyous Health by phone/skype or in-person if you live in Toronto. My most popular package for 2 years in a row is the "eat well"3-session package.

All you need to do to get started is to contact me via my CONTACT FORM.

Be Joyous!


Ps. Lisa has an awesome Etsy Shop with her handmade knitted creations. I have 2 scarves and 2 knit flowers from her that I wear on my blazer!

Mar 20, 2012 BY Joy McCarthy
Ellen (Gluten Free Diva)   •   March 22, 2012

So inspiring. Thanks for sharing!


Tamzin   •   March 22, 2012

Yay for Lisa that's fab!!


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