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Clear up your skin part II

Hopefully you read my previous post: Clear up your skin part I. As mentioned in that post, clear glowy skin is absolutely achievable with a holistic approac
Apr 6, 2012 | Joy McCarthy

Hopefully you read my previous post: Clear up your skin part I. As mentioned in that post, clear glowy skin is absolutely achievable with a holistic approach. When I say "holistic", I don't mean "hippie-dippie-tree-hugging", although that's not such a bad idea to hug trees.

But what I mean is, look beyond the drug store products and look instead on your dinner plate, look inside yourself and get your booty moving! Here are more tips to help you get even more gorgeous than you already are:

1. Eat Healthy Fats. Your cells are literally made of fat. So, the key is to eat the right kinds of fat. But first, let's discuss the wrong kinds of fats. Those that are rancid, denatured and must be AVOIDED at all costs.

These nasty fats that not only promote hormonal imbalance, poor skin health but also, are terrible for your cardiovascular health can be found lining the grocery store aisles in clear plastic bottles with yellow liquid. These liquid fats are very unstable and should not be in clear bottles sitting on store shelves for months at a time. I won't even get into the processing these oils go through because that requires a whole entire post! And what makes matters worse is the majority of these rancid oils are leaching plastic -- talk about hormone disrupting!

Also, avoid fried fats (fries, onion rings - basically anything deep fried in vegetable oil). If you eat animal products that contain fat ie. meat, chicken, greek yogurt -- be sure to eat the highest quality possible. Toxins are fat soluble so if you are eating non-organic butter, you are essentially eating toxic fat.

What to eat?


Raw nuts and seeds (in moderation, as too many nuts and seeds can be acidic, even if you soak them)

Fatty wild fish like salmon and mackerel, sardines

Extra-virgin olive oil

Organic coconut oil

Hemp seeds & hemp oil (especially wonderful for lowering inflammation - ie skin redness, thanks to a fatty acid called GLA)

Leafy greens (Surprised aren't you? Yes, leafy greens are a source of anti-inflammatory, beautifying omega 3s!!)

Raw unpasteurized goat cheese (In moderation. If you are sensitive to goat milk products, then this could make your skin worse. However, if you are not, then this is a great fat source and it's uberlicious! Interestingly, goat protein can actually be anti-inflammatory! The opposite of cow's milk).

Include a healthy fat at EVERY single meal. Here's an example: Coconut oil in your morning smoothie or almond milk with your quinoa porridge, hemp seeds sprinkled on your lunch bowl (bring them to work with you if you always eat out!!), extra-virgin olive oil drizzled on your sauteed kale. See how easy it is?

2. Clean up your liver, clear up your skin. If you eat junk food, guess where it ends up? Being filtered by the liver. Your liver gets fed a direct blood supply from your intestines. If you take in hormones from non-organic food (especially meat and chicken) or the birth control pill and eat food with chemicals/preservatives and additives this ALL goes to the liver eventually. It's like the garbage can and the filter at the same time.

If you over-burden your liver, then this will be reflected on your skin. This is why a congested liver leads to eczema and skin outbreaks. Since you skin is your largest organ, it is also a detoxifying organ. Want to help you liver and your skin better detoxify? Then get yourself a dry skin brush! Here's a video to learn more about dry skin brushing:

This is also a great video explaining the liver and skin connection.

In part III, I will discuss foods to help you body better detoxify.

3. Move that booty of yours. You want good circulation to ALL of your cells and exercise promotes this. Plus when you exercise, you stimulate your lymphatic system and this is extremely important for detoxification. When your body is more effectively detoxifying this helps your skin GLOW because those toxins are escaping before congesting your liver

Better circulation better feeds your cells too. This means that vitamins and minerals are more efficiently delivered precisely where they need to get to.

There are a few supplements I speak about on my youtube channel which you are welcome to check out. 3 Supplements for Beautiful Skin.

Have a beautiful day!


Kate   •   April 10, 2012

Hey Joy! You are truly my saviour...and I am so grateful for you. Thank you for this post. As for hemp seeds, are they the same as hemp "hearts"? And would chia be equally as great in this list? Or is there a particular reason you chose hemp "seeds" here? Thanks!! A huge fan, Kate


Kate   •   April 10, 2012

Hi Joy, sorry for another comment. I just came across this crazy post on coconut oil, as I've been working on my husband for months now to abandon all oils in our house except coconut (which I recently introduced) and olive oil (which we've always used). What are your thoughts on this not so friendly coconut oil 'scientific' dissection? I would imagine all oils would come out with this type of review?


Toffler   •   April 12, 2012

Adding to #3, Move: twists and side bends (as in yoga) also help to 'ring out' organs, such as the liver, helping them to detoxify. I'm also interested in Kate's question. I've heard many good and bad things about coconut oil. Obviously, I know it turns to transfat when heated beyond a certain temp, but cold is it worse than other oils?


Kim   •   April 19, 2012

Hi Joy, In your video "3 Supplements for Beautiful Skin" you mention probiotics and hormone based contraceptives. I'm assuming this means that probiotics will not change the effectiveness of birth control? If not, is there any suggested order to take these pills in, or length of time needed between their intake? Thanks for your help!

Joy McCarthy   •   April 19, 2012

Bianca   •   May 16, 2012

Hi Joy, what kind of makeup do you use? I'm usually as natural as possible, with the exception of a little blush and maybe some mascara, any suggestions for clean natural products? Thanks!!!!!!


Raquel   •   May 22, 2012

Hi Joy! I have recently started getting acne on my shoulders and back, I used to get it on my face but now it seems it has "moved" to those other places, do you know why this could be? What should I do when the pimple is huge and painful but never forms a white head? I have one like that on my back and now it has turned into a brown scar, can you suggest anything to make the scar go away? Thanks!


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