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Coffee: Health Habit or Bad Habit?

The evidence continues to mount on the health benefits of coffee. This is really not surprising considering the natural blend of polyphenol antioxidants, (i
Jan 4, 2013 | Joy McCarthy

The evidence continues to mount on the health benefits of coffee. This is really not surprising considering the natural blend of polyphenol antioxidants, (including chlorogenic acids), bioflavonoids, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients help to neutralize the harsher effects of the caffeine as well. Earlier last year in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition it was confirmed that coffee may actually reduce your risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

And the list goes on from reducing the risk of depression to keeping your brain sharp and preventing dementia.

For me personally, it helps me to type really really fast by setting off my sympathetic nervous system.

However, for every coffee-lover, there are as many health experts advising against drinking coffee. While I personally haven't done any studies, I am happy to share anecdotes from clients I've consulted over the last few years who have benefited from taking a break from their daily jolt of java.

  • Less anxiety (in some cases, completely disappeared).
  • Elimination of heart palpatations.
  • Completion cessation of migraine headaches.
  • Improved sleep habits resulting in more energy.
  • Increased energy overall.
  • Elimination of 3pm slump.
  • Elimination of carb/sugar cravings.
  • Improvement in adrenal and liver health (determined by less sensitivity to toxins).

So what's my stance?

Well you can watch this video:

My opinion is that is depends on your body. Not everyone metabolizes and detoxes caffeine the same way. Some people can drink an espresso right before bed and still sleep like a baby (however, their liver is likely OVER-compensating which isn't good either) while others... (myself included), cannot drink espresso past 12 noon if you want to have a restful sleep.

Here's the deal:

If you feel you cannot start your day without caffiene then this is the very habit you NEED to take a break from.

Why? You should be able to get through your day without a drug. Yes, caffeine is a drug and it's very addictive. That being said, if you do plan on quitting with the java, do so slowly and drink less over the span of a couple of weeks and then completely quit. You will be AMAZED at how much more energy you have!!

Now you will notice there is no coffee allowed in my book Joyous Detox. So I encourage you to take a break! 

Lastly, the quality of the coffee or espresso you drink determines whether it contains the previously mentioned health benefits or not. Most of the corporate coffee giants who shall remain nameless serve inferior coffee from beans purchased from farms in South America that spray chemicals that contain worse toxins than you'd clean your toilet bowl with.

If you want good espresso or coffee, then have a read of this article my hubs wrote for some great tips or choossing good quality. 

Have a joyous day!


Jan 4, 2013 BY Joy McCarthy
Josh   •   January 4, 2013

Great article Joy! I agree with your stance that it really depends who you are. Everyone metabolizes drugs differently. I used to be a coffee drinker and found that I was addicted to it and decided to abstain cold-turkey (not fun!). But after restoring my adrenals and avoiding caffeine, I feel way more energy now than when I used to be a slave to the "cup-o-Joe". I too take many clients off coffee and notice the results you mentioned above.

Joy McCarthy   •   January 5, 2013

Sarah Miller   •   January 4, 2013

I used to be an avid coffee drinker and coincidentally suffered extreme anxiety, heart palpitations and digestive disturbances. It wasn't until many years later that I finally realized caffiene was the problem but couldn't give up my joe so I switched to Swiss water decaf (not chemically processed) and now I reap the benefits of coffee without the side effects of caffiene!

Joy McCarthy   •   January 5, 2013

Laura   •   January 7, 2013

I just sent this article to all my fellow coffee-loving co-workers! I adore my coffee and always find that it makes me feel zippy and helps me concentrate. Thanks Joy!

Joy McCarthy   •   January 7, 2013

Ballet Newport Beach   •   January 10, 2013

It is true that the quality of coffee determines the associated health benefits.

Joy McCarthy   •   January 10, 2013

Brenna   •   January 18, 2013

Hi Joy! Great article, I find even just one cup of coffee really stresses out my body (digestive system, heart palpitations, sleep problems, etc) but despite this I have to admit I love the taste so much that I am drawn to a cup of joe every now and again. Just wondering about decaf coffee (swiss water processed of course), is it still hard on the tummy? Is it the acidity of coffee thats the culprit or the caffeine? Thanks :)

Joy McCarthy   •   January 18, 2013

Joyous Health   •   March 18, 2014

[…] a coffee drinker, but I’m also not entirely against coffee as you might already know if you watched this video. I am most definitely a tea lover! I keep my office and home fully stocked with a variety of teas. […]


nicole   •   December 25, 2014

Hi Joy! Would you say decaf is better than caffeinated? Is it still harmful to the body?

Kate McDonald Walker   •   December 27, 2014

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