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Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 for 2013

UPDATE: See our rundown of theDirty Dozen list for2014Good day Joyous Readers!Great news! The Environmental Working Group has just updated the dirty dozen a
Apr 24, 2013 | Joy McCarthy

UPDATE: See our rundown of the Dirty Dozen list for 2014

Good day Joyous Readers!

Great news! The Environmental Working Group has just updated the dirty dozen and clean 15 list for 2013.

What is the dirty dozen?

It's a list of the 12 (plus 2 more) fruits and vegetables that have the highest levels of detected pesticides after being washed. There are changes to take note of including:

3 changes to the Dirty Dozen - these have been added:

Cherry Tomatoes

Hot Peppers

Summer squash ie. zucchini

Which means 3 have been removed: lettuce, blueberries, green beans.

What is the Clean 15?

It's a list of fruits and vegetables with the lowest pesticides detected.

There has been 1 change to this list: Watermelon has been removed and replaced with papaya.

Here is the updated list which you can download: [downloadlink file="2013/04/JoyousHealth_ShopClean_2013-download.pdf"] The 2013 DIRTY DOZEN AND CLEAN FIFTEEN SHOPPING GUIDE"[/downloadlink]. Print it off and take it shopping with you!

[downloadlink file="2013/04/JoyousHealth_ShopClean_2013-download.pdf"] [/downloadlink]

Here is a video from Dr. Alex Lu, Harvard talking about exposure to pesticides in produce.

[youtube link=]

Hopefully you are already filling your grocery cart with delicious and nutritious foods, including most of them organically farmed.

Important Note:

Organic is not only better for us, but it's better for the planet and future generations. So while there is a list of "clean 15" foods, I still encourage you to buy organic as often as possible. Even better when you can get local and organic. Get to know the foods that are local to the area you live and when they are in season, buy them in bulk! For example, buy extra blueberries and freeze them so you can enjoy them well after the harvest is over. Farmers Markets are an eye-opening experience and you can talk to the farmers first-hand and get to know them, ask questions and really know what you are eating.

Farmers Market season is upon us, so here are some tips to make your shopping experience as joyous and budget-friendly as possible

Have a joyous day!

Apr 24, 2013 BY Joy McCarthy
shyama   •   April 24, 2013

Your Clean dozen is not actually clean if it's GMO. GMO's have built in roundup (pesticides). True clean is Organic and or non GMO Pesticide free.

Joy McCarthy   •   April 24, 2013

Beata   •   April 27, 2013

I wonder how applicable this is for people living in the UK (and Europe). In the "hungry gap", most of our produce come from Spain and Italy. Of course there are also plenty of imports from places like Kenya, Egypt, South Africa and such. How can we determine if North American Dirty Dozen applies to our produce?

Joy McCarthy   •   April 29, 2013

Joyous Health   •   April 29, 2013

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[...] now more than ever. As a total aside, Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health just had a great post on the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 for 2013 that I loved. Print out her PDF and go shopping. Go go gadget fruit and [...]


Rubycat   •   June 24, 2013

Has anyone got any further with the EWG and finding out about if the Dirty Dozen applies to the UK/Europe?


cj   •   August 4, 2013

do leafy greens such as boston lettuce, lettuce & others fall within 'dirty dozen?' where do watermelon, string beans, sugar peas, and romas fall? and is the skin of eggplant safe?

Joy McCarthy   •   August 5, 2013

Joyous Health   •   March 2, 2014

[…] Non-organic fruits and vegetables especially the dirty dozen contain pesticides that can mimic estrogen. Choose organic as often as […]


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