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5 Tips For Looking Beautiful On Your Wedding Day

The countdown is on! I'm getting married in just over a month -- woohoo! As a nutritionist, when most brides-to-be book a session with me it's usually for o
Jul 22, 2013 | Joy McCarthy

The countdown is on! I'm getting married in just over a month -- woohoo! As a nutritionist, when most brides-to-be book a session with me it's usually for only one reason, to lose weight. Rather than focusing on "weight loss", focus on feeling your best and most beautiful inside and out. This is exactly what I've been doing for several years now and it works. Plus, I've seen hundreds of clients reach their goals by following these tips.

Regardless of timing, you can start these tips 6 weeks or 6 months in advance. And even if you are not a bride-to-be, these tips will help you feel your best as well!

1. Drink water

Common sense yes, but did you know a mere 1% drop in water can lead to headaches, low energy and even mood swings? Water is also the cheapest natural beauty habit. If you want a glowing clear complexion than water is absolutely essential.

I want you to feel energized, blissful and happy on your special day. So do yourself a favour, and drink water every single day (not just the day of your wedding)! Aim for 8-10 glasses of pure filtered water.

How to know if you are drinking enough water? Your urine should be a pale yellow and you shouldn't reach the point of having a pasty mouth or being thirsty.

2. Get your bloated belly under control

Now this tip requires a little more than a short paragraph but if you are a regular reader of joyous health then you are well on your way to a flat sexy belly (if you are not already there). So let's first discuss the reasons why you may feel bloated in the first place:

Eating too often or going to bed with a full belly. Both can negatively impact your digestion. Eating too often can deplete digestive enzymes and weaken your digestive fire. The only time you should eat every 2 hours is if you are a body builder burning an insane number of calories per day. Eating a large meal at night, especially right before bed is also a recipe for disaster and poor digestion.

Eating common foods that promote sensitivities day after day can be troublesome and cause bloating as well.

The big five include: soy, gluten (breads, pasta, cereal), dairy, peanuts, sugar.

Sugar. It's evil, feeds yeast and bacteria in your gut = bloating. Plus, it lowers your immune system and it's a homewrecker for your skin health. Sugar increases insulin which promotes acne. I could go on but that's enough reason to ditch all forms of sugar right? Here's a video on 4 foods to banish sugar cravings.

Now here are some tips to combat the bloat or prevent it in the first place.

3. Move that sexy booty every single day

It doesn't matter HOW you do it, it matters that you JUST DO IT. Ya ya, that sounded like a nike commercial I know... but it's true! You want to increase your heart rate which increases circulation and helps toxins leave via sweat through the skin and your breath.

Toxins leaving the body are less likely to make you hormonal (Think PMS) and less likely to give you skin blemishes. Go for a power walk, do a yoga class, do 60 pushups every morning, do 50 jumping jacks, play a sport, chase your kids around, grab your sexy fiance and get busy!

4. Get your beauty sleep

Of all the tips, this one is the most important. I know you've probably been a little busier than normal with wedding showers, parties and tastings, but sleep is queen my dear! Regeneration of your skin cells occurs at night so if you don't want to look haggard then you need to make sleep a priority. Sleep is not something you skimp out on without consequences. Aim for 7.5 - 8 hours every night. If you have trouble sleeping, then watch this video and read this article.

5. Just Breathe

This is one habit I've certainly been focusing on. I have been forcing myself to breathe deeper and more consciously by doing yoga. I can't tell you how much yoga changes my entire day and outlook just from 1 hour and 15 minutes of it.

If yoga is just not your thing, then consciously take 10 deep belly breaths at 3 distinct times throughout the day. That's reasonable and doable, right? I think so! Breathing calms the central nervous system. No matter what is stresses you out about wedding planning, simply taking a moment to slow down and breathe helps you think better and calms you down.

Happy Wedding Planning my joyous readers!

Jul 22, 2013 BY Joy McCarthy
Danielle   •   July 24, 2013

Great tips. I know I always feel my best when following these. I am pretty poor at number 5 though. So excited for your post on wedding stuff! I am in the midst of planning our wedding and could use some recommendations!


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